It’s Pink and Burgundy Wednesday here at MFW!

A few weeks back we were browsing some sites when we came across a page of pink and burgundy fashion clothing items. We thought the combination of pink and burgundy looked pretty good.

Both pink and burgundy appear to be trending colors this fall season.

Today, for pink and burgundy Wednesday, we are putting together some outfit ideas featuring pink and burgundy combinations.

Pink Marni sweater burgundy chestnut Joseph skirt

Pink top burgundy skirt outfit Marni sweater Joseph skirtThis first look pairs a pink cashmere and wool crew neck sweater from Marni with a chestnut burgundy leather skirt from Joseph.

This would make for a pretty fuss free outfit that can be as laid back or stylish as you desire simply by choosing the right shoes, accessories and outerwear.

For our look we’ve elevated the chic points with the addition of a pair of Tory Burch leather knee high boots, and a Fendi Sienna (burgundy brown), charcoal, and Dove Grey colorblocked shearling Peekaboo satchel.

To make the outfit even more stylish we’ve selected a rust orange ALBERTO BIANI Double breasted coat, a Links of London watch, and a pair of Jennifer Alfano18K Gold Baby Bullseye Ruby Stud earrings.

Outfit pieces price break down

  • Marni Sweater – $741.93(Buy it)
  • Joseph Skirt – $895
  • Tory Burch Boots – $880 (Buy them)
  • Alberto Biani coat – $919.38
  • Fendi bag – $6,250
  • Links of London watch – $500.98
  • Jennifer Alfano earrings – $895(Buy them)

To get your hands on this exact outfit it will cost you $11082.29, largely due to the $6,250 price tag of the Fendi bag. Needless to say you don’t need a six thousand dollar bag, or for that matter a $900 skirt, $800 sweater or a $900 coat. You can always shop for affordable alternatives to the items above.

Burgundy Zac Posen top with pink Tibi wrap skirt

Burgundy Zac Posen top pink Tibi wrap skirt pink and burgundy outfit idea wearing combination

What about if you flip the switch?

Does a burgundy top with a pink skirt work as well as a pink top with a burgundy skirt?

In look #2 we paired a burgundy red Zac Posen cashmere sweater top with a pink TIBI stretch crepe wrap skirt.

While conducting our virtual experiment we found that it was more difficult to put the right combinations of pink and burgundy together when the skirt is pink and the top is burgundy.

Pink skirts can difficult enough to style by themselves. Not all shades of burgundy will blend nicely with all shades of pink (at least that’s our inexpert conclusion).

The rest of the look includes a pair of burgundy knee high boots, a burgundy bag and a dusky rose coat.

Outfit pieces price break down

  • Zac Posen Sweater – $690
  • Tibi Skirt – $452
  • Diane Von Furstenberg Boots – $675 (Buy them)
  • Max Mara Dusky rose alpaca and wool blend coat- $1553.58
  • Lucque Paris Tote Burgundy Embossed Croc – $529.90

Look #2 will cost you a total of $3900.48 — a lot more affordable than look #1 but still a bit pricey for the average girl.

What’s the most common pink and burgundy combination?

Based on our observations, it seems as if a pink top worn with a burgundy bottom is a more common pink and burgundy combination than a burgundy top worn with a pink bottom.

Other interesting ways to wear pink and burgundy include wearing a pink coat over a burgundy dress or over an outfit that pairs a burgundy top with burgundy pants; or accessorize an outfit that prominently includes pink with burgundy shoes or a burgundy bag. You can also accessorize a pink dress with a burgundy necklace and burgundy bracelets.

You can accessorize burgundy with pink, but we think burgundy accessories are more versatile and flexible than pink accessories. So it’s probably better to accessorize a pink outfit with burgundy accessories than to accessorize a burgundy outfit with pink accessories.

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