I want this yellow Tiered Gauze Maxi Dress from Spiegel


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This dress is only $59 but still not affordable for me right now. I love the style and the color. The fact that it has to be hand washed isn’t all that great though.

Tiered Gauze Maxi Dress More details about this dress

I imagine myself wearing this on a beautiful summer day when the weather is pleasantly cool. Where would I be? Hmm I don’t know. Not the beach. This dress is not beach appropriate I don’t think too long unless it’s for wearing out to dine where there won’t be any sand involved.

Closing my eyes and trying to see myself somewhere in this dress. I’m with a friend and we’re having lunch al fresco somewhere in the world. Wow my imagination needs some WD40. I can’t visualize a thing. Can’t even really visualize myself.

More likely I would be with one or more of my sisters and their children or I would be with the hubby and feeling like crap because he’s paying attention to everything and everyone else but me and even though he’s trying to pretend he’s not noticing all the younger ladies strutting about in their short shorts with their firm tan legs devoid of a hint of imperfection I see him taking in the view and for every girl who passes by that he gives an appreciative glance I fade more and more into the pavement under our feet.

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