Wondering how a green satin top looks with pink faux leather pants? I was curious, so I bought a green satin shirt and a pair of pink faux leather pants from Fashion Nova.

Fashion nova green satin shirt pink faux leather pants

I also picked up a pair of green ankle boots from Akira to wear with the outfit. I think Akira is going to become my go-to for shoes. Their selection seems more extensive and more interesting than Fashion Nova. They also seem to have some interesting items of clothing so maybe I’ll start buying clothes from there as well. Their prices are a bit higher so it remains to be seen if I will be able to afford to make any purchases. The shoes I’ve bought there to date have been on sale for $20.

Recently Purchased Items

  • Fashion Nova Smooth Talkin’ Button Down Top – Green $20.99
  • Fashion Nova Having A Moment Faux Leather Pant – Pink $27.99

I didn’t actually buy these items with the intention of wearing them to go out. I just wanted to put a look together for a blog post and I thought I would try to make it useful in case someone is curious how a green satin top looks with pink faux leather pants.

Fashion nova green satin shirt pink faux leather pants Akira green square toe ankle boots

This might not be the style of top or style of pants I would choose did I have the option to be picky and choosy. But I don’t have that option presently. I have to buy what is available at the places where I can afford to shop.

By the way, if you’re in the market for a pair of pink leather pants, you can shop for pink leather pants on Amazon by clicking the affiliate button below. I will get a small commission. I thank you in advance if you do happen to use the link to make a purchase.

Fashion nova green satin shirt pink faux leather pants akira green ankle boots

So this is my attempt at putting together a green satin top with pink faux leather pants outfit. I hope it was useful in some way, even if it was useful in confirming for you that wearing a green top with pink faux leather pants is not for you. For me, I don’t mind the combination. It’s bold and bright and it exists in nature. There are pink flowers in existence and where there are flowers of any color there are green leaves. So nature combines pink with green rather vibrantly and beautifully.

Thank you for reading.

Here is a little video of me showing the outfit in motion. If you cannot see the video, click the button below to watch it on Youtube.


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