High end designer winter shopping


How to cure the winter blues…

I’m suffering a case of SAD (the seasonal affective disorder kind of SAD). It gets dark by 4 o’clock out here. By 3 o’clock it’s already starting to get dark. It’s not snowing yet so I guess that’s something to be happy about. But it’s been bleak and uninspiring. Maybe if I had money I could cure my blues by shopping every day. Instead I am here just writing about shopping. High end designer winter shopping–something I can’t do any of myself.

Alexander McQueen blush pink grey white fox fur jacket

It’s expensive to wear the skin of other animals on your back. This Alexander McQueen fox fur jacket comes with a $21,680.00 price tag. Obviously not the winter jacket for bargain hunters. I do wonder if people who can afford to spend this much money on a jacket think twice before they make such an extravagant purchase or if it’s something they can do without batting an eyelash.

Valentino Leather Jogging Pants

Valentino Leather Jogging Pants

The price tag of these Valentino black jogging style leather pants is pretty steep for a pair of pants. They cost $3,990. For me that’s 2.85 months rent. They’re cute and if they were $39.90 I’d seriously consider buying them. But you know, if they were $39.90 they wouldn’t look quite so opulent.

Alexander McQueen Mohair and wool-blend sweater

Alexander McQueen cream Mohair and Wool Blend Sweater

A cream colored Mohair and wool blend sweater from Alexander McQueen. Price tag $1,395.00

Ermanno Scervino fur trim parka


Ermanno Scervino fur trim parkaCute fur trimmed parka from Ermanno Scervino. Comes with a $3,594.08 price tag.

FENDI fur trimmed black leather boots

FENDI fur trimmed black leather boots

Fur trimmed black leather boots from Fendi. Price tag $2050.00

Gold 'Fabiola' hat from Hockle

‘Fabiola’ hat from Hockley featuring a fox fur front and a tie fastening

Why all the fur?

Most of the above has some kind of fur. I’m not advocating wearing fur. I won’t throw stones at someone who does wear fur and I won’t heap accolades on someone who doesn’t. I think people have the right to make their own choice and should not be bullied and shamed if they wear fur, or credited as being superior humans if they don’t. I admit that sometimes I see things with fur that look like they still have the shape of the animal. And it makes me feel bad for the animal and confused how someone could wear something that was alive just for the fashion of it. I probably wouldn’t wear real fur because it wouldn’t feel right to me. But that’s just me.


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