Halle Berry on Instagram proving age is just a number

Halle Berry Instagram

Halle Berry is on Instagram showing the world a different view of what it’s like to be 50 years old.

For all your 50-somethings out there, if you want to quiet talk from people who want to try to make you feel like your life is over because you’re no longer twenty-something, or thirty-something, or even forty-something, check out Halle Berry on Instagram.

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Halle Berry is apologizing to no one for no longer being twenty-something. And she’s not hiding from public view the way many famous women do once they reach the age of forty-five.

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Of course it’s easy for Halle to flaunt her age because she looks amazing. And it’s not one of those “she looks young for 50” deals. Halle isn’t making 50 look 30. She’s making 50 look vibrant and healthy and beautiful and sexy and not something anyone needs to be afraid of or ashamed of.

So if you’ve reached the half century mark, or you’ve passed it, or if you’re nearing it, let Halle be an example to you that you can feel as beautiful and sexy at 50 as you did at 20. In fact, according to many famous 50-somethings, you can feel even sexier at 50. Because you’re free from your concerns over what other people think of you. So you begin to see yourself and appreciate yourself in ways you weren’t able to when you were judging yourself according to how sexy other people thought you were or weren’t. Take a page out of Halle’s book and start celebrating your self.


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