Dear self, about this Alexander McQueen bag that you keep thinking you wish you could afford, I don’t know what to say to you.

Do you really want this Alexander McQueen bag? Or do you just think you want it? Do you really even care about material things? I’m not convinced that you do. And frankly, I think you need to figure yourself out. Because you are all over the place and I just don’t get the sense that you ever even know whether you’re coming or going.

And I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but you’re not exactly young anymore. I don’t think you can really afford to be all over the place anymore. You’ll never get your hands on this or any other Alexander McQueen bag this way.
Alexander McQueen bags printed leather shoulder bag

What do you like so much about this Alexander McQueen bag anyway? If it’s the butterfly, just buy yourself a cheap black bag and find a way to stencil a butterfly onto it. Why would you even want to spend $1619 on a bag? And it’s such a small bag for that kind of money. I don’t know about you sometimes. One minute you’re all practical and sensible and righteously indignant about not measuring your worth according to what you have and what you don’t have. And the next minute you’re all depressed because you can’t afford to buy an Alexander McQueen bag that you darned-well know is way more expensive than a bag has any right to be.

Wake up. Get your act together. Maybe then you’ll be able to afford an Alexander McQueen bag if that’s what you want. If you think that’s what’s going to make you happy, is being able to buy designer bags. I’m not judging you. I mean, if that’s what will make you happy then focus your energy on getting to that point in your life where you will be able to buy any designer bag your heart fancies. Frankly you should already be at that point. And I’m sorry to say, at this point, it’s highly questionable whether or not you can ever get to that point. It’s quite possible that where you are right now is the height of where you are ever going to be. I know that’s a depressing prospect, because you’re really far down there on the totem pole. You have nothing. And after your stupid stint of increasing your credit debt by several hundred dollars to participate in the madness of the holidays, you now have even less. So I don’t know, you might never for the rest of your life find yourself able to afford an Alexander McQueen bag. Not that it should matter. It’s just a bag. But seriously, figure yourself out. Because if you really want any of the things you say you want, this is probably the last year of your life that the window of opportunity will be open far enough that you might still be able to get through it. Can you hear the clock ticking? Time is running out on you. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…


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