Had some time on my hands today so I decided to dress up the mannequin. She’s just been standing in a corner in the living room for a while and I haven’t been getting any practice trying to improve my fashion styling skills. I am perfectly aware that this get-up I have on the mannequin shows I am a long way from getting a passing grade. mannequin animal print dress black white polka dot scarf 2

My closet is still sparse and still contains mostly years old clothing. I’ve never been the shopping kind of girl. To be honest I hate shopping. I hate shopping in stores. I hate shopping online. I can never find anything I like that’s in my affordable price range. And I’m really not one for getting overly concerned with what I’m wearing and how I look. But this experiment is about putting to the test the theory that getting concerned with what you’re wearing and how you look could transform your life. So I do plan to start doing some shopping as soon as I can find the extra funds.

What the mannequin is wearing

The mannequin is wearing a black/grey/white animal print dress that I bought from Newport News two or three years ago. She’s also wearing a black jacket that was bought on Amazon.com about 2 years ago, and a black and white polka dot scarf that I bought last year.

mannequin in animal print dress

mannequin black white polka dot scarf

Her feet are bare but I’d probably choose black pumps for the outfit. Or black stiletto-heeled ankle boots. And of course a black bag. I’d be curious how this outfit looks with black tights. It would probably look a little weird. And would take the black over to the level of “too much”.

mannequin animal print dress black white polka dot scarf 3

The mannequin’s visit to the Palace of Venaria in Venaria Reale in northern Italy was made possible courtesy of Photoshop. She is posing in the Galleria Grande.

mannequin in animal print dress with black white polka dot scarf


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