Men’s red boots with a navy jacket?

Emporio Armani Jersey Poplin white long sleeved with HUGO navy wool Aeron/Hamen tousers, a navy wool blazer, a red Isaia Windowpane check print silk-cotton tie, Givenchy black leather medium ‘Lucrezia’ briefcase, HUGO BOSS Black textured leather belt.

Red boots with a navy suit, white shirt and red tie? Why not?

Men’s Red 1901 Canyon Chukka Boot

Men's Red 1901 Canyon Chukka Boot

The ratings on Nordstrom for these 1901 men’s red boots range from 4 stars out of 5 to 5 stars out of 5. Reviewers call the boots amazing nice casual boots that are comfortable to walk in, perfect for all year round wear, reasonably priced, and able to spice up any outfit.

Men’s Red Boots on the street

Via - Imad Karim from Morocco wearing red Dr. Marten's boots
Via – Imad Karim from Morocco wearing red Dr. Marten’s boots

Take inspiration from blogger Imad Karim and wear men’s red boots with a red/black biker jacket, red and white striped top and black jeans.

Giorgio Brutini Mens 805750 Boot outfit

Giorgio Brutini Men’s 805750 Boot

Giorgio Brutini Men's 805750 Boot

These boots have a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Amazon Customer Review

I am the envy of Italians, curiosity of Americans and the nemesis of Bad guys as I patrol my condo grounds in these “party in the bottom” boots.

The shock value is worth it but the production value is pretty good. Very comfy shoes. (via

You’d probably need to be a pretty daring guy to wear these red Giorgio Brutini Men’s 805750 Boots. And to wear them with a pink shirt accentuated with a red tie takes even more courage. Because the rule says guys don’t wear pink. So guys who dare to wear pink obviously have the courage to wear whatever they want without concern over possibly being ridiculed for breaking so-called fashion rules. And there’s probably a rule that you’d be breaking by wearing your pink shirt under a navy blue blazer jacket and pairing this combination with black jeans.


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