Alexander McQueen black cotton butterfly print t-shirt – $259
alexander mcqueen lace skirt with silk lining – $1987
Aleander McQueen embellished black leather monk shoes – $1959
Alexander McQueen bags printed leather shoulder bag – $1619
Alexander McQueen AM0024S Sunglasses – $389

This outfit costs $6213.

You can probably find ways to duplicate this outfit for $100 and under. For the t-shirt, try a DIY project where you use iron on butterfly appliques to make your own butterfly print t-shirt. There are plenty of videos on Youtube showing how to make your own print t-shirt using the iron-on transfer process. So it should be easy enough to make your own black butterfly print t-shirt. Just buy a cheap black t-shirt. You can probably find one for $10. Buy the iron on butterfly appliques. You can find these on Amazon, in crafts stores, Etsy and various other places online. Buy iron on transfer paper if needed. And in a matter of moments, you can have a cute butterfly print t-shirt that you didn’t have to pay $259 to purchase. Okay, it won’t have the Alexander McQueen label. So what?

You can probably find DIY tutorials for how to turn a basic black leather bag into one with your desired graphic print as well. And the same for your shoes.  Just find a simple pair of black faux leather monk strap shoes and stick on some appliques.

Of course it would be nice to have the kind of life where you could afford the $6,213 you’d need to be able to duplicate this outfit exactly.

Q&A Intermission

Q: If someone came up to you with the 5 Alexander McQueen items above and told you that you could have which ever one you wanted, which item would you pick?

A: I would probably pick the shoes because they would be the item for which I would have the most use.

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