Dream closet chase diary entry 2

woman looking at tops in closet

I live in a 2 bedroom 2.5 bath townhouse apartment. The closet in the master bedroom is pretty big for a closet in a 2 bedroom apartment. It’s no dream closet. But it’s what I’ve got for now. So I’m trying to transform it to make it look a little nicer. This August will make my third year living in this apartment and I still have tons of unpacked boxes which I’ve been storing in my closet. In entry #1 I documented how I transformed the corner where I stored my shoes to make it look a little bit more organized.

monica's closet shoes organized

Since then I’ve been working on trying to turn an empty box that was taking up a lot of space into a makeshift shelving unit to store smaller boxes.

turn cardboard box into storage shelf

Naturally I would prefer to have fancy shelves. But right now what little money I can get my hands on I have to invest back into my dream to one day be able to afford to build the closet of my dreams. In the meantime, I used white wrapping paper and white duck tape to cover the large cardboard box after cutting off the flaps. I covered one of the long flaps to create a horizontal separator shelf. I cut one of the short flaps and covered that to create another vertical separator for the top. And I had my makeshift shelving unit.

The goal

I’ve had a large unsightly box that I’ve wanted to get rid of for some time. The box was filled with paper and probably weighed in at over 200 pounds. I figured I could store the contents of that box into some smaller boxes and store the smaller boxes inside the makeshift unit. So I wrapped some small boxes in the same white wrapping paper and white duck tape. And once done I took the unit upstairs and set about transferring the contents of the big brown unsightly box into the smaller boxes.

The big brown unsightly box

big brown box in closet

The makeshift shelving unit where the big brown box used to be…

cardboard box shelf

It’s a little rough around the edges but it still looks significantly improved from the big brown box. Finally I get rid of the big brown box that I’ve wanted to get rid of for nearly 3 years. Now I am one step closer to getting my closet looking more organized. For me one step closer is still far away from the goal. I still have tons of brown boxes in the closet that I have no idea right this moment how I’ll handle transforming. And after I get those organized I have to organize the clothes and the built-in shelves. But two steps ahead is better than zero.


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