How cute is this orange Valentino pineapple clutch?

Valentino pineapple box clutch

We love cute little clutch purses as much as any of you; but why do they have to be so expensive? This darling little pineapple box clutch (a Valentino online exclusive from this season’s Hawaii-inspired capsule collection) will cost you $3,445 to acquire. Why? Well, to be frankly honest we’re not sure exactly what justifies the price tag other than the Valentino name.

Yes, this is a cute little clutch. But it’s made out of plastic. Sure, the lining is leather, and it has little crystal embellishments on the leaves at the top; but does that justify a $3,445 price tag? What do you think?

It looks a wee bit impractical from the inside view, like it won’t hold a whole lot to begin with; and you’ll have to be rummaging through it quite a bit to find that lip gloss if you manage somehow to get more stuffed in than it’s intended to hold. Unless of course you only pack the lip gloss with a couple of other small things. The bag measures 6 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width and 2 inches in depth.Valentino pineapple box clutch inside view

We do get the point that these cute things are created expressly with rich girls in mind and rich girls wouldn’t buy them if they came with a price tag that made them affordable to poor girls. The price tag is what conveys the message that these things are special and that girls who own them are realms above ordinary girls. It’s not so much that the thing is really special at all. We’d probably think twice about buying it even if it only cost $50, because we’d think, cute though it is, it’s such a tiny little thing to cost over $10. (You can tell on what side of the tracks we grew up)

In all seriousness though we’d buy this Valentino pineapple clutch if…

Valentino pineapple clutch mytheresa

If we were rich and spending $3,445 on a tiny little pineapple shaped box clutch just because it tickled us with its cuteness was no issue, we’d buy this bag. Because why not? We have the money. We like it. Buying it won’t hurt us. Buying it won’t hurt anyone else.

In fact, we think we’d be more likely to spend the $3,445 than to spend $50. Because if the price tag was only $50 we’d be more inclined to think we were paying $50 for something that’s worth $10. When the price is way out there at $3,445 you just assume there’s something about the bag (aside from the high end designer label) that makes it worth so high a price tag.

What do you think of this Valentino pineapple clutch?

Would you pay $3,445 to obtain it?

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