Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Ashley Tisdale’s yellow Celine leather handbag

I was trying to find the price for this yellow Celine bag that Ashley Tisdale was seen carrying while out shopping in Studio City California yesterday.

In the process I came across some forums where people were casually writing in asking questions about which of the micro mini or nano bags they should buy and what the difference is in price between the grained leather and the smooth leather and which bag they should get based on their height; and I thought to myself I should really go jump off a bridge and call it a day.

Okay so I didn’t really think that but seriously I stopped into a Payless store with someone the other day and I saw some cute bags but I couldn’t get even one and they were less than $20. Meanwhile there are people who can just pick up a $3000 handbag on a whim.

Yellow seems to be a hot color for bags right now.

Ashley Tisdale was seen sporting the below Celine Yellow Citron Mini Luggage Bag

Ashley Tisdale's yellow Celine leather handbag

While looking up the price of this bag (I didn’t find this bag exactly but other colors and the price seems to be about $2600) I also came across some replicas that look almost identical. The funny thing about the replicas I came across was they had ridiculously high price tag as well. Personally if I’m still going to be paying hundreds of dollars anyway I can’t see any value in going for a replica. Might as well delay your gratification and save up to buy the real thing even if the real thing is 3 times more expensive than the expensive replica.

Speaking of replicas I came across a website that claims to be selling authentic Celine bags in the $350 price range. The website is The bags look like the real deal but come on there is no way anybody is going to sell authentic bags for $350 when people will still flock to buy them for $1000 considering $1000 is still a huge bargain for bags that cost $2500 and up. Such a shame when people try to rip you off. I think they would be better off admitting outright that the bags are replicas. Assuming the actual bags look anything like the pictures then people who buy replicas would still buy the bags anyway provided the company is legit. So why lie?

As for Ashley Tisdale and her bag we can all assume hers is a 100% authentic Celine bag. And it’s not the only Celine bag she owns. What a life it must be when you can buy any number of Celine bags your heart desires. Not that I sit around everyday wishing I could buy any number of Celine bags my heart desires. I do know that money isn’t everything and having 100 designer bags in my closet won’t guarantee me happiness. Things can excite you but they can’t talk to you. If you’re feeling sad pulling out your Celine bags and throwing them on your bed and jumping in the bed with them and holding them close to you will not take your sadness away. Not unless you have serious psychological issues.

This bag was also seen being carried by Miley Cyrus on a number of different occasions.

Miley Cyrus Celine Yellow Citron Mini Luggage Bag

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