Rihanna walks Monaco streets wearing a black bathing suit and sheer top


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I have previously said that I admire Rihanna’s “don’t care what you think” attitude and I totally do. I’m not going to knock her for her choices because the fact will always remain that she has every right to do whatever she wants as long as she’s not breaking any laws; and just because you or I might not agree with something she does and might never do what she does because we think it’s not the right thing to do doesn’t in fact make anything she does wrong. Especially when we’re talking about what she wears from what she doesn’t wear.

It’s really a matter of opinion what is appropriate dress and what isn’t; and until someone with the power to make a way of dressing illegal as they have done in New Jersey with their saggy pants ban comes along and gets a law enacted that makes it a violation of the law for a woman to walk around in public with no pants or skirt or other type of clothing covering her other than underwear or underwear style/bathing suit style bottom our opinion that it’s wrong for a woman to walk around in public in her underwear or bathing suit or shorts so short they are virtually panties remains just that–our opinion.

So Rihanna was walking around Monaco dressed like this

Now I wasn’t in Monaco. I did not actually see Rihanna walking the streets of Monaco dressed as shown. I’ve only seen the pictures and read the stories that accompanied them. Yes it does look from the pictures that Rihanna at least walked from one location to another out in public dressed in what looks like a black bathing suit with a black sheer shirt tied at the waist; but it’s never a good idea to imagine you know the entire story from looking at a picture. It could just be that she’s heading to the beach and she walked from her hotel room to her waiting car in her bathing suit because why not?

Would I walk from my hotel room to my waiting car without even a scarf of something wrapped around my waist? No I would not; but I am me and Rihanna is Rihanna. Do I think it’s appropriate? Well the interesting thing about Rihanna is that she challenges our ideas about what’s appropriate and what is not. From where do we get our ideas about what is appropriate and what is not? Am I born knowing for a fact that it’s inappropriate to be walking through a hotel dressed in my bathing suit while there are other people around who are not walking through the hotel wearing their bathing suit and exiting the hotel door and walking to my car and standing around doing things at my car dressed in my bathing suit while there are other people around who are not dressed in bathing suits standing around doing things as if this is the normal way? No such information is present in my mind when I am born and I do not come to this belief by scientific discovery. I come to this belief by having it fed to me by others who came to this belief by having it fed to them by others who came to the belief by having it fed to them by others. We just all agree to go along. Rihanna is basically exercising her right not to go along. Is it inappropriate for someone to refuse to accept an idea just because everybody else has accepted it and is going along with it?

This is more about what is socially acceptable and what is not; and yes Rihanna walking about dressed like that isn’t socially acceptable; but what is the reward for doing the socially acceptable thing? You avoid criticism. You avoid wagging tongues and wagging fingers. Those of us who fear criticism and fear wagging tongues and fear wagging fingers chose to do what we’re told by the masses is right. Rihanna really couldn’t give a damn what you or I think. She’s not afraid of our wagging tongues and our wagging fingers. She will tell us off and do it so effectively we will feel shamed for the rest of our lives.

So I’m not going to comment on whether Rihanna’s way of dressing in Monaco the other day was appropriate or not appropriate. I’ll just say that I don’t think those of us who live in the real world could get away with dressing like that even within our apartment community walking from our apartment to the pool. We would get called some not so flattering names by our neighbors as they watch us through their blinds. One or two might even complain to the management. Maybe even call the police? I guess that depends on where you live and what the laws are about the way you dress; but I think out here in the real world only a certain type of woman would dare walk around in public dressed in this way even to walk from her hotel room to her car if that was the extent of it; but I did see photos of her exiting a shoe store in the bathing suit and some of the stories claim she was shopping at the mall.

Update 2022: I was so hoping I would say something insightful after the last paragraph but there was nothing. If I’ve learned anything by this point in time it’s that our perspective changes over time if we keep our mind open. I am committed to keeping an open mind and to striving to grow beyond the need to comment on how people live their lives.

Image of Rihanna: SIGMA, CC BY 3.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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