Are Kendall Jenner’s sisters jealous of her modeling success?


In the spirit of living according to our vision for the world, we have edited this article on 2/19/2019. However, we will leave the original post appended at the bottom to illustrate the kind of mentality that serves the exact opposite purpose of helping to make the world a better place. Our “Ask The Editor” questions and answers betray our own lack of enlightenment. We concede that we have a lot of work to do ourselves to re-train our minds so that we can truly and honestly be part of the revolution to change society for the better.

  • Let’s encourage women to support and elevate each other
  • Let’s help build up confidence in women who lack confidence
  • Let’s help women to not feel insecure in themselves because of comparing themselves to other women
  • Let’s help women understand and own their unique gifts and powers
  • Let’s help women be able to celebrate other women’s unique gifts and powers
  • Let’s stop judging each other and holding each other to arbitrary standards
  • Let’s learn to value and treasure who we are and what we have while being happy for others even when they have things we desire but do not possess
  • Let’s understand that life is not a competition
  • Let’s learn to see each other and recognize there is no right way or wrong way to be a woman, to be a human being
  • Let’s do our part to eradicate the concepts of jealousy and envy so that questions like the above are never asked
  • Let’s encourage universal sisterhood

The original article:

We’re sure Kendall Jenner’s sisters are proud of her and happy that she’s continuing to make a name for herself as a high fashion model. But we keep coming across published reports about sibling jealousy. The stories are mostly found under headings like Kim Kardashian jealous of sister Kendall Jenner. Some are about Kylie being jealous. There might be one or two about Khloe being jealous. We haven’t seen any about Kourtney being jealous of Kendall. Most of the Kourtney jealousy headlines are about jealousy of Kim.

We think a lot of these reports are being written by people who are assuming that everyone in the world thinks and feels the way they do. So because they know if they were Kendall Jenner’s sister they would be jealous of her modeling success, they figure her sisters must all in some way be jealous of her modeling success.

So we’re doing an Ask the Editor session to illustrate why we think it’s unnecessary to point a finger at any of Kendall’s sisters even if in fact some might feel a little envious of her success.

Ask the Editor

Do you think Kim Kardashian is jealous of Kendall Jenner’s modeling success?

Editor’s response: I don’t think so. Why should she be? Kim was already long established by the time Kendall began to enjoy her success as a model. And it’s in large part if not entirely because of Kim’s success that Kendall is enjoying her own success. If these were regular girls who had no fame, we wouldn’t be seeing Kendall on any magazine covers. She’s a pretty girl. But a non-famous girl who looks just like Kendall would have to get very lucky to make it that far up the ranks on her own in that little amount of time. So even if Kendall might prefer to think her success is based entirely on her own efforts and her skills as a model, Kim knows the hand she played in paving the way to make Kendall’s success possible. So she can always play that trump card if little sister’s head gets too big.

That isn’t to say there might not be a little envy. Who among us is above feeling a little envious to see someone we know (whether it’s our sister, other relative, friend) become a successful model?

Do you think Kendall Jenner’s sisters are genuinely happy for her that she’s become such a famous model?

Editor’s response: I’m sure Kendall’s sisters are genuinely happy for her. But that doesn’t mean they can’t from time to time feel a tinge of envy. As women we are constantly being pitted against each other. We’re always being compared and so, as a consequence, we’re always comparing ourselves to each other trying to outdo one another. I can’t speak for Kendall’s sisters and how any of them feel. I don’t know anything about them. But if I were in their shoes, it wouldn’t be easy to feel genuinely happy for my sister all the time. I would want to be 100% above petty jealousy. But on my insecure days I would feel a little bit threatened. If I was Kim for example I might feel threatened knowing my days in the spotlight were fading because of my age and being married and being a mom. Meanwhile Kendall has over a decade left to shine. But those moments would be minor because I really wouldn’t have time to be focused on what was going on with Kendall what with all the things I had going on in my own life. And all of the sisters have their own stuff going on.

Do you think Kylie Jenner is jealous of Kendall Jenner’s modeling success?

Editor’s response: It’s easier to see how Kylie Jenner might feel jealous of Kendall Jenner’s modeling success than to see how Kim Kardashian might. Kylie and Kendall are close in age and they are frequently compared. Kylie no doubt reads the things people write about her on the Internet. People are always saying Kendall is prettier. Kendall gets more praise while Kylie receives more criticism. That wouldn’t be an easy thing for any of us to deal with. Growing up in your sister’s shadow is never an easy thing. Doing it with the whole world looking on must make it that much more difficult. In Kylie’s case it’s not as with Kim where she has already made her own mark. Kylie is just now trying to make her mark. Kim has never had to compete with Kendall for fame. It’s because of Kim’s fame that Kendall is famous. In Kylie’s case she might feel like she has to compete for relevance not just with Kendall but her big sisters as well. And with Kendall on the rise at the same time she’s trying to rise herself, it might be harder to avoid feelings of jealousy over Kendall’s modeling success. Especially if Kendall is a “B” about it. I’m not saying she is. I don’t know anything about these ladies; but I know if I had a sister who was a model and who acted like she was bigger and better because she was a model there would be some resentment. And from the outside resentment of that kind looks like jealousy even though it’s just a reaction to the other person acting like a “B” who thinks she’s better than everybody.

Do you think Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are jealous of Kendall Jenner’s modeling success?

Editor’s response: I think Kourtney is probably too busy being a mom to her children to be concerning herself with Kendall and her modeling career. She’s almost twice Kendall’s age. She and Kendall are not peers. The same goes for Khloe. Khloe is 12 years older than Kendall. Kourtney is 17 years older than Kendall. It would be kind of silly of them to be jealous of their little sister. I think they’re mostly just proud of her and cheering for her success.


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