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6 Things that Are Lit When It Comes to Men Fashion in 2020

First impressions are the last!

Having said that automatically tells you that this article is all about clothing. Really why would we not talk about clothing? It is a global phenomenon! Just take a look at all the fashion events held around the world!

So, the general idea is that people (ok most people) are conscious about their clothing and first impressions. But most people do not really come to terms with the fact that the garment and clothing industry is just like any other.

It has its developmental trends, monopolies, and market crashes.

The Global Fashion Industry

More formally, it could be called the fashion industry, and everyone knows fashion is one of the most dynamic industries to exist. From jeans to underwear, everything changes with time. In fashion, change is everything.

Just like any other industry, the fashion industry has had a technological revolution. We are constantly seeing a rise in the online fashion industry and the number of e-commerce startup dealing in clothing.

Several established brands have made it a point to create a robust digital presence and offer their products in their online stores.

Men in Fashion

But let’s admit it, while eCommerce and the digital trends may be relatively new, some trends never die out. For instance, men have always been on the left outside in fashion. Checking the following figure, for example, clearly shows that men have always shopped lesser than women even on sales.

And what do you expect? After all, men wear jeans for a month and have no issues, why would anyone care about new jeans? Fashion trends for men too are a real thing. While they may not be the talk of the town, they surely are important.

With that said, we bring some of the lit fashion trends for 2020 in the domain of men:

1.   Cuban Cigars and Cuban Collars

Imagine you just woke up in a 1950s movie with gangsters running the town and some badass fashion that you do not understand.

We guarantee you, and you cannot envision it without a Cuban-collared shirt.

Statistics by Grand View Research shows that the global men’s fashion industry is valued at $438 billion. Of that amount, shirts and t-shirts are a considerable proportion. With Cuban collars, the best part is that it can be introduced not only in dress shirts but also in t-shirts.

With that said, Cuban collars are a trend for 2020. But not just Cuban shirts, Cuban shirts in floral prints are the real OG.

2.   The Sun and Short Shorts

Every time vacations come around, Airbnb expects its sales to rise. In fact, Airbnb has primarily only survived because people love exploring on vacations. With that said, it is clear, according to the following bar graph, that people are touring more and more.

And when you do tours, you never want to miss the beaches of your destination. Taking the line along, you never want to go to a beach without your shorts.

And talking of shorts, the fashion trends of 2020 say that shorts are no longer knee length. They have become short enough to be men’s boxers, rather than simple shorts. Types of men’s cooling underwear could be worn as your everyday shorts.

3.  Ethical Fashion is Real Fashion

With the state of the ozone layer steadily deteriorating and reducing lifespans given our practices, it turns out humans are trying to make everything more environment-friendly. In that context, the fashion industry has jumped on the same bandwagon.

Nobody is willing to purchase clothing if they know that it is not environmentally friendly. What does it mean to be friendly to the environment, though?

It could mean using better farming techniques to grow cotton or using animal-friendly techniques to sheer wool.

Or, in a broader context, it could be about making the factories more environmentally friendly through better production methods or importing only from countries that use better machinery that does not harm the environment.

The bar chart shows that a majority of customers are not only worried about climate change, but are also willing to make an effort to bring change. In fact, statistics show that 61% of millennials and 58% of generation Z are willing even to pay higher prices for eco-friendly products.

So, if anything, it is a win for organizations looking to make more eco-friendly products. So much so that it has taken the shape of a fashion trend.

4. Oxfords are Still in

“Oxfords, not brogues” seems to have become the bottom line for the men’s footwear industry today. They have been, and they continue to be one of the most iconic shoes ever made for men. It is reasonably probable that they will continue to be that in the near future.

However, nobody will deny that there has been a rather extension in conventional oxford shoes. Today, a pair of brogues with a closed lacing system too is considered to be a formal oxford unlike in the past. Men are also willing to pair them with their jeans.

If anything, oxfords have become more versatile today.

5.      Blazers, but Loose

You imagine the modern man, and you automatically come to think of a plush white shirt, a pair of chinos, and a slim blazer to suit. But it seems, 2020 brings a drastic change to this image.

The change is that the blazer has gotten bigger and looser. The trend of the 80s is back again, and men are rocking their blazers everywhere. With the help of this fashion trend, the blazer industry seems to be doing well. Revenues are expected to reach 3.961 million USD by 2023.

6.  Pink!

Traditionally, pink has always been a feminine color. So, most men would only go as far as a light pink dress shirt for their formals; anything after that is dangerous territory. However, as the tables turn, it seems pink is coming out as one of the men’s favorite colors.

Be it the undergarments or their suiting; pink is everywhere. With it being the color for breast cancer awareness, nobody dares complain either. It’s a cause worth supporting and a color worth wearing.

Final Word

When it comes to fashion, there is no constant. So, as 2020 progresses, nobody can claim for sure that these trends will be prevalent by the end of the year.

Do keep this in mind that some trends, like eco-friendly clothing and oxford shoes, will never die out, and we are not complaining either.


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