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(Featured image is a stock photo licensed via stock.adobe.com)

I love stiletto ankle boots; but I struggle to walk in 3-inch heels unless they are wider heels and the shoes have a balancing platform. So stilettos aren’t something you’re likely ever to find me wearing. You pretty much need to have strutting down to a science to pull off stiletto heels and I don’t so I don’t venture to wear stilettos because I would definitely look like this.

Boot personality: Stiletto boots

model Inês M a photographer hat lover from Lisbon Portugal black stiletto ankle boots
Blogger and model Inês M. – a photographer & hat lover from Lisbon Portugal wearing black stiletto ankle boots – Image via lookbook.nu

(model is Inês M. a photographer & hat lover from Lisbon, Portugal. You can find her at r-91.blogspot.com) You can also find her on Instagram, facebook and tumblr

You might like your stiletto ankle boots just because you think they’re nice and you like how they make you look and how they boost your confidence when you wear them. But did you know that there’s an element of erotica associated with stiletto boots? There is such a thing as a stiletto boot fetish. So when buying your stiletto boots, whether they are ankle boots, mid-calf, knee-high or over the knee boots, you might want to keep in mind that the higher and pointier the heels and the pointier the toes, the greater the risk of giving an impression about yourself that might not accurately reflect your lifestyle interests and your personality.

These stiletto boots fall into the norm spectrum

Daria Harman stylist blogger from Moscow Russian Federation wearing black HM over the knee stiletto boots
Daria Harman stylist blogger from Moscow Russian Federation wearing black H&M over the knee stiletto boots – Image via lookbook.nu

Daria Harman, 26 year old stylist, blogger from Moscow, Russian Federation wearing black H&M over the knee stiletto boots. Find her via her lookbook.nu page

These might not be suitable for everyday street style

The soundtrack should give you a pretty good idea of the lifestyle into which the spikier heeled, pointier toed styles of stiletto boots usually fits.

Some stiletto boots you might like

Pollini  stiletto mid-calf black leather boots

Seller says…

Black leather stiletto mid-calf boots from Pollini.

PRICE: $1,104.05Buy It!

Jimmy Choo Turner leather over-the-knee boots

Jimmy Choo Turner leather over-the-knee boots

Seller says…

Leather over-the-knee boots from Jimmy Choo

PRICE: $1,795.00Buy It!

Anila from Hamburg Germany wearing Ash Rebel black leather studded ankle boots
Anila from Hamburg Germany wearing black studded leather ankle boots. image via lookbook.nu/Anila’s lookbook page

Boot personality: Combat Boots

While I love the look of stiletto ankle boots and believe that I would have more stilettos in my closet in another life, in reality I am more of a tomboy type than a girly-girl type. So if I were given the choice between stiletto boots and combat boots and told to pick the style that is more true to the way I live my life I would have to choose combat boots.

Street Style Intermission

Sabrina Kwan who blogs via sincerelysabrina.com wearing combat boots with jeans, a leather peplum top and a bomber jacket.

Some combat boots you might like

Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Combat Boots

PRICE: $1325.00 – via stylebop.comMore Details

DSQUARED2 combat boots

DSQUARED2 combat boots

PRICE: $884.00More Details

Boot personality: Ankle vs mid-calf vs Knee high vs over the knee boot

Knee high boots are attention grabbing. It’s hard not to notice knee high boots and even harder not to notice over the knee boots. You won’t find women who generally prefer to stay under the radar wearing knee high or over the knee boots very often. It’s hard to avoid being noticed when you’re wearing knee high or thigh high boots. Particularly if they are high heeled. So if you tend to shy away from attention, wearing knee high or thigh high boots might not be the best idea. Also keep in mind that some people associate knee high boots and thigh high boots with certain adult lifestyle interests. So you might want to make sure the style of boot you’re choosing in combination with your outfit doesn’t send the wrong message.

Street Style Intermission over the knee boots

Fashion blogger Leonie H. from Hamburg, Germany wears over the knee boots from Zara with an oversized sweater and shorts. You can find her via ohhcouture.com

Street Style Intermission knee high boots

Hannah A., Fashionblogger from Germany, wears black knee high boots with a short black skirt. Find her via celebritiesandfashionnews.blogspot.de

Street Style Intermission mid-calf boots

Nati Drencseva from Budapest, Hungary wearing black mid-calf boots with leather pants and an oversized sweater. You can find her via nanasfashion.com

Shop for more mid-calf boots

Street Style Intermission ankle boots

Aniri T. from Düsseldorf , Germany wearing black ankle boots with shorts and an oversized fluffy sweater. You can find her via thenewcatintown.com

Boot personality: Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots have never seemed to get so hugely popular that you see everybody wearing them; but apparently they are trendy right now. Probably one of the reasons people have tended to shy away from cowboy boots is that they don’t know how to incorporate the style into their wardrobe. But with so many fashion blogs and websites around these days the style challenged no longer have to rely only on their own lacking sense of style. They can get ideas and inspiration from people all over the world.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Wearing Cowboy Boots

Street Style Intermission

VIKY – Editor, traveller & blogger from Voronezh, Russian Federation, models a cowgirl look with boots, hat and fringed vest. Find her via victoriatimokhina.com Are you the cowboy boot type? You don’t necessarily have to fit into a type to wear cowboy style boots. But some people probably stereotype this look to younger Southern girls with pretty faces and perky personalities who like to wear their cowboy boots with cute little dresses, short shorts short skirts and tight jeans.

Some cowboy boots you might like

Chestnut brown leather woven cowboy boots from Damy

Seller says…

Chestnut brown leather woven cowboy boots from Damy featuring a square toe, a side zip fastening, an ankle length, a low block heel and buckled straps

PRICE: $846.76Buy It!

Giuseppe Zanotti Design studded Black suede cowboy boots

Black suede cowboy boot from Giuseppe Zanotti Design featuring a silver-tone metal toe cap

Seller says…

Black suede cowboy boot from Giuseppe Zanotti Design featuring a silver-tone metal toe cap , diamante studding, a low gold-tone heel and pull-on tabs at the top.

PRICE: $2,312.38Buy It!

Note: Featured image is a composite of images from mytheresa.com where you can purchase boots from numerous high end fashion designers. Designer A-Z at mytheresa.com

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