If you shop for clothes at Walmart you are…

Mannequin in green George blouse

Some old stuff from my closet. A purple knit pencil skirt and an olive green blouse. Both items are several years old. Not sure if I’ve ever worn the skirt. If I’ve worn it I haven’t worn it more than once. The skirt is from the brand Shape FX and the blouse is from the budget brand George.

green blouse purple skirt 2green blouse purple skirt 1

If you shop for clothes at Walmart you are…

The budget brand George is a Walmart brand. There’s a stigma associated with Walmart. So much so there are websites that are just for making fun of people who shop at Walmart. I won’t list any of the things that get written about people who shop at Walmart. I’ll just say that there is a tendency to negatively stereotype. While I don’t shop for clothes at Walmart often, I’ve bought clothes at Walmart in the past. And I’m sure as long as I remain at my present level on the social ladder I’m likely to buy clothes at Walmart again. In some people’s opinion that’s something that should embarrass me. I should be ashamed to admit that I’ve ever bought clothes at Walmart.

Some girls can’t afford to shop at Barneys…

barneys store twitter slogan
Barneys store twitter slogan page screenshot via twitter.com

I remember when I first saw the slogan for the Barney’s department store twitter page. I thought to myself, you know what, I’m a nice person and I work hard; but I don’t get to shop at Barney’s.

As Sarah Jessica Parker once told Vanity Fair, ‘If you’re a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys. It’s the decadent reward.’
via Barneys.com twitter page

The reality for some of us is that we can’t afford to spend money on clothes on a regular basis; and when we do go shopping for clothes there’s only so much we can afford to spend. So our options become limited as to where we can shop when we go offline to do our shopping. Then you factor in where people live. Some people live in areas where establishments like Walmart are their only convenient option for in-store shopping. I used to live in such areas myself. That’s how I became familiar with Walmart. I had no choice in shopping there not just because of my economic status but also because there weren’t any other stores nearby. I’ve never really particularly loved shopping at Walmart for a variety of reasons; but none having to do with thinking shopping there is beneath me and something over which I should feel embarrassment.

As for the clothes at Walmart…

Website homepage screenshot the penny chic
Website homepage screenshot the penny chic – pennychic.com


While researching to find out how other people feel about the subject of shopping for clothes at Walmart I came across an article on “The Gloss” (article) that lead me to the website pennychic.com. A few moments on the blog and I was reminded that style is not about the price tag that comes with the clothes you wear. It’s about your ability to take whatever you purchase from where ever you happen to buy it and make it look good enough to be positively noticed. Walmart clothing has never usually excited me. But I think that’s mostly because I don’t have a natural gift for fashion styling. Maybe I could have found more interesting stuff to buy there if I’d had a better sense of how to mix and match things to create interesting outfits. Most of the things I’ve ever bought there have become things I wear strictly around the house. They get cut up and transformed into slouchy off the shoulder t-shirts that I work out in, shorts also for working out. The majority were worn once or twice. Some were never worn. I don’t know if that reflects on the quality of the clothes at Walmart or if it reflects on me for not putting more thought into the things I choose to buy. Like I said I don’t really shop for clothes at Walmart that often because I am more of an online shopper than an offline shopper. And we all know the internet abounds with locations where you can shop for affordable clothing.Not that I am much of a shopper either way. I don’t spend much money on clothes generally. As I try to evolve my style that might change. And if I happen to be at Walmart for some reason and I see something in the clothing section that I like I’m not going to act like buying clothes from Walmart is beneath me just so I can avoid being ridiculed by people who look down on people who shop at Walmart.

More people shop for clothes at Walmart than you might think…


In this interview she gave to “Quarter Life Conversations” back in January 2014, the founder of Penny Chic explains why she started her blog, originally focused on the subject of how to make Walmart clothes look chic. Her idea has paid off for her in a big way. And she banked on being able to build a following of readers based on her research which lead her to the conclusion that more people are shopping for clothes at Walmart than are shopping at any other clothing store. I don’t know if this is true or not; but I suspect there’s a reason Walmart is a retail giant that continues to hold the top spot on the Fortune 500. And I imagine if they weren’t making a killing selling clothes Walmart stores would not be selling clothes. Obviously millions of people buy clothes at Walmart. More than likely most of them are buying their clothes at Walmart because they can’t afford clothes otherwise. Life is just like that for some folks. And it isn’t because they’re not nice people and they don’t work hard enough to get decadent rewards like being able to shop at Barneys department store.

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