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    We’ve compiled a list of questions about wearing yellow.

    Our wearing yellow questions and answers list is by no means a comprehensive list. These are questions people have asked around the Internet and questions our editorial team put together. We’re venturing to answer 15 questions about wearing yellow. Keep in mind that our answers are just our opinions.

    1What color shoes goes with a red top and yellow skirt?

    wearing yellow - what color shoes to wear with a red top yellow skirt outfit

    2Will I look ridiculous wearing yellow thigh high boots?

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    3Can yellow work for Fall season bridesmaids dresses?

    We looked through a collection of Autumn bridesmaids dresses on Pinterest. Yellow didn’t seem to be a very common color. There were a couple of pictures featuring bridesmaids wearing yellow dresses; but for the most part the colors were in the maroon, burgundy, lilac, lavender, cream, rust brown family. The ones that were yellow were a more mustard yellow shade and a shade that mustard yellow might look like if it had been diluted with milk. Of course, it’s your wedding and if you want your bridesmaids wearing canary yellow that’s up to you. It really shouldn’t matter if there’s a general rule that bridesmaids dresses should not be yellow if the wedding takes place in the fall/autumn season.

    4Can I wear yellow and brown together?

    Sure you can. Why not? Brown is a great color to pair with yellow (depending of course on the shade of yellow and the shade of brown. A yellow top works nicely with a brown skirt or brown pants. You can wear a brown jacket with a yellow dress or a yellow jacket with a brown dress. Brown shoes are a great choice for a yellow dress. it even works when you wear yellow shoes with a brown dress. Wearing yellow and brown together is perfectly doable.

    5Can I wear yellow to an interview?

    We don’t see why not; but we’d suggest that you don’t wear something that could be distracting to the person conducting the interview. Yellow can be tastefully worn to a job interview, but you probably don’t want to put together a head to toe yellow ensemble. You would risk giving the impression that you don’t take the job opportunity or yourself seriously. If you don’t have to wear yellow maybe you shouldn’t; but if, for example, yellow is your lucky color and you always wear yellow when you’re hoping for some good luck to come your way, then by all means incorporate the color into your look. Just don’t let it dominate and demand that people take notice of what you’re wearing. You want if your interviewer takes notice of what you’re wearing, that he/she thinks something favorable.

    6Can I wear yellow to a funeral?

    If you’re attending a funeral where it has been specifically stated that you can wear any color clothing you wish to wear then certainly you can wear yellow. But if you’re attending a traditional funeral where everyone will be wearing black, you will probably stand out if you wear something that is yellow. And people will probably think that you’re being disrespectful. A funeral is not the place to test the waters and challenge societal norms.

    7Can blondes wear yellow?

    We’re not blondes and we don’t know much about the rules for what blondes can and cannot wear. But going by what we see, yellow looks perfectly fine on blondes. We see no evidence that their hair color makes any difference in how yellow looks on them. Do a quick google image search on “can blondes wear yellow” and you will come across pictures of famous blondes including Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson wearing yellow in shades from pastel light to canary bright. They clearly don’t agree that yellow is off limits to blondes.

    8Can I wear yellow with pale skin?

    From what we’ve read, certain shades of yellow apparently make people with pale skin look washed out. We’re going to take a risk and suggest that this is just an opinion, like the opinion that blonde hair clashes with yellow. Some of the ladies we mentioned above under “Can blondes wear yellow” have pretty pale skin from what we can see, and they look perfectly fine in all the shades of yellow represented. No one looks particularly washed out. Although we do think that brighter and darker shades of yellow would contrast better with pale skin than pastel and lighter shades.

    9Can I wear yellow with dark brown skin?

    pretty woman wearing yellow dress with many colorful necklaces and flowers in hair

    10Do pink and yellow match?

    We’re going to have to say that pink and yellow don’t really match per se; but that doesn’t mean that wearing yellow and pink together isn’t doable. Color blocking has shown us that you can pair colors that don’t necessarily match. You just have to work all your other items into the look well enough to balance the non-matching colors.

    11Can I wear a yellow top with gray pants or skirt?

    Based on the pictures we’ve seen of ladies wearing yellow tops with gray pants or gray skirts, we’d have to say that you can definitely wear a yellow top with gray pants or a gray skirt. This is a pretty subdued look so it won’t be a combination you’d want for a New Year’s eve party for example, unless you’re wearing bright colors with sparkly sequins.

    12Can I wear a yellow top with green pants or skirt?

    We’ve seen pictures of ladies wearing a yellow top with green pants and pictures of ladies wearing a yellow top with a green skirt. Based on the pictures we’ve seen, we’d say this is a look that can work; but you have to match the right shade of yellow with the right shade of green. Some of the looks we saw didn’t really work that well. Not because of anything to do with the skin tone of the person wearing the combination. It was because the shades of yellow and green weren’t the best match. Yes, we know we just said that color-blocking allows us to put colors together that don’t necessarily match; but some combinations work better than others. Even so, we still maintain that if it looks good to you and you want to wear it, you shouldn’t concern yourself with what anybody else thinks.

    13Will I look ridiculous wearing yellow with red and green?

    wearing yellow outfit with red jeans yellow turtleneck sweater green cardigan

    14Can I wear yellow pumps with a black dress?

    Well, you can, and if you accessorize effectively the combination can look pretty striking; but it can also look a little out of place and like someone is trying too hard to be bold with their fashion choices. You want to get people going hmm, that looks pretty good, instead of why in the world is she wearing yellow pumps with that black dress? But then again, like we always say, people’s opinions really don’t matter. As long as you like the way you look it doesn’t matter what the rest of us think.

    15Should adult women wear yellow tights?

    This question was inspired by seeing an adult woman wearing yellow tights. She was wearing her yellow tights with a black skirt, white blouse, black cardigan and black pumps. When we googled “yellow tights outfits” we found mostly pictures of young adult teenage girls wearing quirky outfit styles. It’s probably not all that common to see adult women wearing yellow tights. Some of the looks we saw were cute and incorporated the yellow tights well. Others weren’t looks we would recommend. As for the question of whether or not adult women should wear yellow tights, by all means if an adult women is able to work yellow tights into her outfit in a way that is flattering, why shouldn’t she wear the yellow tights? But we definitely think yellow tights are difficult to pull off regardless of your age.



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