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What Is the Purpose of the Third Eye Chakra?

The human body contains seven chakras, or energy centers. From the root all the way to the crown, these chakras each have their own functions. And when they’re all in alignment, they contribute to an overall positive sense of well-being.

The third eye is the sixth of these seven chakras, situated in the middle of your forehead. What is the purpose of the third eye chakra? How can you improve yourself by focusing on it as a center of energy?


While we often call intuition a gut feeling, our intuitive powers actually live in the third eye. When that chakra is open and free, it allows you to perceive things around you beyond the purely physical. Because of that, it’s also called your inner sight.

Pattern Recognition

The third eye is responsible for reviewing inner data—memories, dreams, fantasies, experiences—in order to help you recognize patterns in daily life. If an unpleasant memory of the past stops you from making the same mistake multiple times, that’s your third eye in action.


If you feel uninspired or stuck in life, consider using meditative techniques to open your third eye and get back in touch with your imagination. Creativity flourishes when you can brainstorm unique and unconventional solutions to various problems, and an opened third eye can improve your imaginative skills.

Awareness of Surroundings

Just like your physical eyes help you remain aware of the settings around you, your third eye increases that awareness and helps you see beyond the physical. For example, your regular eyes help you see other people around you, but your third eye helps you form connections with them. When you notice somebody in need and move to assist them, your third eye helps you achieve that goal.

Symbolic Thinking

The third eye also helps your brain understand symbolism and metaphor. A closed-off third eye chakra can lead to overly literal thinking and a limited worldview. Meanwhile, opening your third eye helps you think outside the box, so to speak.

Why do you have a third eye? What is the third eye chakra’s purpose in your life? Simple—it governs intuitive, imaginative, and creative thinking. Keeping that third eye open helps you stay attuned to the world around you and consider unique solutions to life’s daily trials.

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