I hate buying stuff for my hair. It always turns out to be a waste of money. A few weeks ago I purchased some items from the DevaCurl hair product brand to try them out.

Ordinarily I don’t buy products for my hair. But since I’m kinda sorta modeling for this blog and also trying to create this singer songwriter persona, I have to at least make an effort when I’m taking pictures for blog posts or social media promotion and what not. So I finally went shopping around trying to find some products that might help me deal with my hair issues. And as I’ve mentioned in a few posts, I have hair issues.

So I spent the most money I’ve ever spent on hair products to purchase a selection of items from the DevaCurl hair product brand.

I purchased:

It’s still early to have an opinion on the products. My immediate feeling was that I liked the way my hair feels with the coconut curl styler. Not necessarily loving the Mist-er Right refresher. I find that it’s a bit drying. The other stuff, I’m not sure I really will get much benefit from them. My feeling is that the DevaCurl hair product brand isn’t really for my particular hair type. I have very coarse hair that doesn’t hold moisture for very long. On top of that I have super short hair. My sense is that this line is really for girls who have less tight curls and not so coarse hair.

Me in the studio. You know how it is. I work out of my home so wherever in the house I select as the location for the day is my studio. Gotta work with what you’ve got folks. Don’t let not being able to shoot in some great location stop you from doing what you want to do.

The coconut curl styler seems like it keeps moisture in longer. My hair is definitely softer for a longer period of time than usual. And the products definitely help me get my hair styled more easily which is huge for me because I don’t have a stylist. I have to do my own hair and makeup and I suck at both things. So anything that helps make it easier to get my hair to look a little bit less like crap is a good thing.

It is definitely difficult to find products that work for my hair so I am hoping the DevaCurl hair product brand will live up to some of the reviews I’ve read from people who have as hard a time as I do trying to find products they can use on their hard to manage hair.

Like I said above, I hate stressing over my hair. That’s why I cut it off in the first place. But hair grows back, even if it grows at a snails pace like mine does.

When all the products are finished, I’ll try to write an update (if I can remember), to let you know how the DevaCurl hair product brand worked out for me.

Good luck with your own hair struggles, if you have em!



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