Top 5 Saturday: Vintage Hermes bags


Been thinking about getting you a couple of Vintage Hermes bags?

Yeah, we know–as if…

Can you imagine being able to afford to spend $185,000 on a handbag? $185,000 is what it will cost you to get your hands on this diamond encrusted Hermes 35cm braise shiny porosus Birkin bag. Diamond Encrusted Hermes 35cm Braise Shiny Porosus BirkinColor is described as a “shiny fire engine braise red”. Bag features diamond encrusted white gold hardware.

Diamond Birkins are apparently the rarest and most valuable handbags in the world and are “only offered to the top tier of VIP clients” (excuse you right?).

The diamond Birkins apparently have “almost 10 carats of VVS F Diamonds set in solid 18K white gold”, thus justifying the price tag.

Of course, you know, you could also get a fairly decent house for $185,000.

Vintage Hermes bags are for very important people…

We’ll try to keep our opinion on the subject of VIPs vs the rest of us losers to ourselves…

jennifer lopez carrying red birkin bag
jennifer lopez carrying red birkin bag

What would you buy given a choice between a diamond Hermes Birkin bag and a house?

Brick house

Maybe you can’t get your dream home for $185,000; but there are places in the US where $185,000 can get you a pretty decent starter home.

Hermes 35cm Lime & Gris Perle Candy Collection Epsom Birkin

Hermes 35cm Lime & Gris Perle Candy Collection Epsom Birkin Lime green textured epsom leather 35cm Birkin Bag. Bag features palladium hardware. Comes with a $22,500 price tag.

Kim Kardashian carrying yellow Birkin bag
Kim Kardashian carrying yellow Birkin bag

Hermes 35cm Blue Celeste & Mykonos Candy Collection Epsom Birkin

Hermes 35cm Blue Celeste Mykonos Candy Collection Epsom Birkin$22,500 will get you this 35cm Birkin Bag. $22,500 can also get you a brand new car.

Ford Mondeo auto silver

But what’s a house and a car compared to a Birkin bag?

We’re not being serious of course. A bag is a bag no matter the label it carries. Diamond encrusted though some might be, Birkin bags are still just bags. They can’t shelter you. They can’t take you places. You’d have to trade them back in for cash first before they can be of any real use to you.

Hermes 35cm Vert Fonce Porosus Crocodile Birkin

Hermes 35cm Vert Fonce Porosus Crocodile Birkin

This Hermes 35cm Vert Fonce Porosus Crocodile Birkin will cost you a mere $75,000. For the price you get a vintage hermes bag that is said to be in excellent condition. It is “rendered in dark green porosus crocodile” and features palladium hardware.

Hermes 30cm Blue Jean & Orange H Special Order Togo Birkin

Hermes 30cm Blue Jean Orange H Special Order Togo Birkin


30cm Birkin Bag rendered in denim blue textured togo leather. Comes with a $22,500 price tag. Features orange stitch detailing and palladium hardware.

Do you already own one of these vintage Hermes bags?

We don’t imagine the type of lady who can afford vintage Hermes bags spends a great deal of time on the internet browsing obscure blogs like ours; but if you do happen to own a vintage Hermes bag we’d love to hear from you. Here are some questions we would like to ask:

  • Would you say that your Hermes bag was worth what you paid for it?
  • If your answer to the first question is yes, can you give us some examples of the technical ways in which your Hermes bag is superior to other handmade, genuine leather bags that might cost $20,000 less?
  • We read that Victoria Beckham owns over 100 Hermes bags. We’re sure that’s an exaggeration. But even so, she definitely owns more than a few. Being a woman who owns at least one Hermes bag, do you think women who own Hermes bags have the bags only for what the bags represent (that they are more important than the rest of us)? Or do you think they just love the bag itself?
  • If Hermes bags were exactly the same as they are (absolutely nothing different in the workmanship) but the price was between $500 – $1500, do you think they would have the same reputation?
  • If Hermes bags would not have the same reputation with a $500 – $1500 price tag instead of price tags rising as high as $185,000, doesn’t that mean that owning a Hermes bag is all about the status and the exclusivity and relying on pricey objects to establish superiority over those who do not have the money to afford the luxuries you can afford?

These questions are just for the purpose of discussion. At the end of the day your money is yours to do with what you want and you owe no one an explanation for your choices in how you spend your money. If you own 100 Hermes bags it’s nobody’s business why you spent as much as $2,250,000 on bags (assuming each bag cost $22,500). If you have that kind of money to spend and you want to spend it on bags, spend it on bags. It’s your money!

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