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5 leather must-haves for summer 2018

Although it can be a bit difficult to narrow down the list of trendy must-haves for the summer of 2018, we decided to give it a go with these amazing leather necessities. If you are wondering why leather, well, it is one of those classic items that never go out of style and you can combine them with almost any outfit! So, here are five things we’re obsessed with that you need to have this summer!

Classic or modern leather jacket

We simply cannot talk about trendy leather items without mentioning the classic leather jacket! It is truly one of those clothing items you can wear for years and never risk a fashion disaster. There are many different ways to rock the leather jacket with any outfit and many different styles of jackets you can choose from. But make sure you always have a classic black leather jacket in your closet since it has become a necessity, just like little black dress.

If you need a bit of colour, choose an embroidered leather jacket with flowery patterns, or opt for one of the amazing trendy colours this summer, like Icy Lilac. Combine a metallic pink leather biker jacket with a sequin dress and you all set to pull an all-nighter for a partyyyy!

leather jacketLeather bag equals a must-have

Okay, let’s face it – paying little extra for a leather handbag is a smart investment. Not only you can see how the quality of leather gives you the opportunity to own a handbag for years but also if you take proper care of it, well you might just keep it looking brand new for your daughter.

It doesn’t matter if you are more of a handbag, purse, or a backpack kind of girl since there are many models that are sporty, elegant, and casual or a combination of styles you can pretty much wear with every outfit combination.

Plus, this year it is all about combining incompatible – wearing block heel sandals with sweatpants and a crop top; or sneakers with an elegant dress. So, if you want to be trendy, combine a micro leather purse in bright colours (screaming pink, bright yellow, sunny orange) with a sporty outfit or a leather backpack with an elegant dress. Because… why not?

Leather shoes for happy feet

Wearing leather shoes is not all about the looks anymore, it’s about comfort! You should choose one pair of leather boots and one good pair of leather flats that you can walk around without feeling pain in your feet. If you are a girl with many shoes then make sure all of your pairs are made of genuine leather.

Choose classic leather sandals in natural colours, which you can combine with every outfit. Handmade sandals inspired by popular Avarcas in Australia are a huge hit and Aussie girls usually combine them with a colourful dress or light jeans and white shirt. With this outfit, not only you will turn heads with the simplicity and stylishness but your feet will thank you as well!

If you want something more noticeable, choose glittery leather flats and combine them with a midi spaghetti strap black dress and a huge summer hat. This is a perfect outfit when you are travelling since it will provide you comfort and you can focus on discovering the hidden gems of your summer destination. Keep it simple (and shiny) and stay comfortable.

leather beltLeather belt is a necessity

Every fashion enthusiast knows that a leather belt is a must-have item in your closet. Owning a quality leather belt in colours black and brown is a requirement for any stylish woman or man calling themselves fashionistas.

So whenever you don’t have inspiration for a business-casual outfit, opt for grayish high-waisted pants combined with a black belt, a classic black tee and some platform sneakers (Old Skool Platform Vans are a huge hit this year). If it gets a bit cold grab your leather jacket and voila! A pretty simple yet pretty awesome look, with an accent on a classic black leather belt.

Way-too-cool leather pants

Well, you must admit, there is something so cool about wearing a leather pair of pants. It takes a bit of boldness to buy and wear them but as soon as you start combining your new pair of pants with the rest of the clothes from your closet, you will realize the mistake you’ve made for not buying them sooner.

Whether you wear them with sneakers, heels, boots, or combine them with a silk top, crop top or a sweatshirt – you will look just as cool! You can pretty much play with textures and experiment with leather on leather outfits as long as you feel comfortable wearing them.

Pick your favourite trendy item from this list (or all of them if you like) and start making your own bold choices! Whatever you choose, we are sure you’re going to rock the look! Make fashion fun again and play, combine, invent, imagine and rock your clothes!

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