Styling with Roksanda Ilincic

Roksanda pleated mid skirt

Let’s get styling with Roksanda Ilincic!

We’re loving everything we’re seeing on the Farfetch Rosanda page. We especially love the Roksanda pleated mini skirt; but with a $4,625 price tag, you guessed it, we can’t afford it. But luckily the picture is free to look at.

We like how the overall color scheme is bold and bright without being loud. We’re particularly digging the watermelon orange, tonal pink and lilac.

And the fun details such as the flared cuffs, the contrasting stripes, artsy prints, pleats and draping — it’s all so effortlessly chic.

These are not styles for ladies who are all about flaunting their sexy figures. They are for truly stylish ladies who love clothes for the clothes.

Of course none of these styles would fit into our current backwoods lifestyle.

We’d need a new life in a new place to go with our Roksanda Ilincic clothes…

Roksanda Ilincic outfit

Outfit: Roksanda Ilincic Watermelon orange silk-cashmere-wool blend high neck sweater with Roksanda Ilincic multicoloured leather and silk pleated midi skirt. Chanel Vintage Maxi Single Flap Shoulder Bag; Valentino Garavani fringe detail booties; Bvlgari Mvsa Cat Eye Sunglasses; Ashley Pittman long anchor chain

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The ‘Fletcher’ sweater with the pleated midi skirt?

Roksanda Ilincic fletcher sweater with pleated skirt

Outfit: Roksanda Ilincic ‘Fletcher’ Lilac and blush pink cashmere-wool-silk blend with Roksanda Ilincic multicoloured leather and silk pleated midi skirt. Pink and multicoloured leather ‘Dun Dun’ tote from Paula Cademartori; Coral suede pointed pumps from Pierre Hardy.

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From April And May (an MFW novel project) – April: I do not live here. I live there. And I am not her. I used to be her, but I’m not any more. And I used to live there too. It was an ugly place. I did not like it there. It had no color. And I could not wear Roksanda Ilincic. Because she was not worthy in the eyes of the gods and therefore neither was I. By ‘she’ I don’t mean Roksanda Ilincic of course. I mean her–the one from whom I was lucky to escape. She’s called May. They (the gods) despised her. Which is why I was there and not here where I am now, looking lovely as can be in my Roksanda Ilincic pleated skirt and lilac sweater.

I know what you think. You think my Paula Cademartori bag, while lovely by itself, is a hideous choice for my outfit. But I think it’s perfect. I look absolutely divine. And I’m so glad I’m not there. Have I said that already? You’ll have to bear with me; but I’m likely to constantly repeat it because–wow…

She is still there. I wish I was not able to see her but alas, I can see her sitting where she always sits, doing what she always does. She’s chewing gum and looks like a cow chewing on it’s cud. I wish she were not so ugly and unladylike. Can I ever have been that lowly? I shudder to think.

I’m so glad I’m not her anymore and I so wish I could escape this hell of being forever attached to her by ‘the sight’. I can’t really explain ‘the sight’ except to say that she and I can see each other though we no longer exist inside the same realm. And I cannot explain how we came to be separated. But I am so glad that I am here. It’s so nice here. So colorful. So beautiful. And my Pierre Hardy pumps–are they not the most delicious pair of pumps you have ever seen?

I am so happy. Life is so bright and beautiful up here. I hope things never change to where she and people like her can ever get here. Because then here will no longer be special.

The ‘Marsten’ jumpsuit

Roksanda Ilincic Black silk-wool blend 'Marsten' jumpsuit
‘Marsten’ jumpsuit $1,971

Downplay this black silk-wool blend strapless ‘Marsten’ jumpsuit from Roksanda by wearing it with flat ballerinas. Or play up the sex appeal by wearing it with 5-inch and higher stiletto pumps or stiletto ankle boots.

Jumpsuit features a straight neck, a strapless design, pink and blue vertical panels, a high waist, a tapered leg, rear welt pockets and a back zip fastening.

From April And May (an MFW novel project) – May: – I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say you look ‘divine’ in your Roksanda Ilincic pleated skirt and lilac sweater, dearest April. But lovely, sure. I can give you lovely.

So you’re likening me to a cow are you? I look like a cow chewing it’s cud? I’m ugly and unladylike? That’s real nice of you. Real loyal and grateful to talk about me that way. Not that it really matters to me. I mean–I don’t really care what you think about anything. I’d be insane to give a damn what you think. Your brain is composed entirely of cotton and foam. Which, my dear, is the reason you’re there and I’m here.

So I don’t get to wear Roksanda Ilincic clothes. So what? I’m comfortable in my old a.n.a dress. So it’s years old. So the straps both broke and are tied up to hold the dress together. So what? Clothes don’t have any worth one way or another. My a.n.a dress, your Roksanda Ilinic sweater and skirt, they’re the same thing–clothes. Who cares if your skirt is made out of leather and silk and your sweater out of wool, cashmere and silk? They are still nothing more than what they are? Items of clothing.

The contrasting strap flared top with the ‘Deven’ culottes and the long loop knit gilet?

Roksanda Ilincic contrasting strap flared top Deven culottes long loop knit giletOutfit: Roksanda Ilincic black silk contrasting strap flared top with black silk and cotton blend ‘Deven’ culottes and sorbet pink stretch wool blend long loop knit gilet. Black leather ‘Emile’ tote from Alexander Wang; Black leather chunky heel mules from Maison Margiela.

The strapless dress

Roksanda Ilincic Black and pink wool-silk-cotton blend strapless dress
strapless dress $2,188

Style this Roksanda Ilincic black and pink wool-silk-cotton blend strapless dress with a nice pair of high stiletto black leather pumps, a nice black leather clutch, a luxurious choker style necklace and a clutch bracelet.

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From April And May (an MFW novel project) – April: – She gets so defensive. That’s how it is with haters. Trying to convince herself that she doesn’t care. Yesterday she went shopping at the dollar store. The dollar store! And she got all upset because the clerk was rude to her. She got royally offended. Because she thinks pretty highly of herself, and she didn’t appreciate the clerk treating her like she was a lowly nobody. But how high can you be if you go shopping at the dollar store? That’s why the clerk was rude to her. Because she waltzed into the dollar store with her head high and her polka dot cat-eye sunglasses on acting like she thought she was somebody. Hello–you are nobody by virtue of the fact you are shopping at the dollar store!!!

Anyway, I don’t care to think or talk about her. I have a social event to attend with the love of my life tonight, and I have to decide on what to wear. I’m thinking I’ll wear my strapless Roksanda Ilincic dress. I’ve just recently purchased it and haven’t yet had a chance to wear it. I think it will be perfect for the occasion. I’ll probably wear it with my Saint Laurent pumps. I was thinking my Louboutin Pigalles but I think the red soles will take over the spotlight from the beautiful sliver of pink in the dress. So I’ll go with the Saint Laurent Paris pumps. Or maybe my new Brian Atwood pumps. My darling love just bought me a gorgeous Irene Neuwirth necklace with a pink opal pendant the other day. I think I’ll wear that with my pink opal drop earrings. Those were also a gift from my sweetheart. Like the necklace, they were among his many ‘just because’ gifts. He’s so wonderful. Unlike ‘her’ loser husband. If he brings her home anything at all, it’s usually crap he finds on the street. Her wedding ring was made from the remnants of a ring he found on the street! And it was a replacement for her first ring. That ring, which was also a ring he found, he stole from her to pawn for bus fare when he walked out on her! And she’s still with him!

She can say whatever she wants about me. My head is composed entirely of cotton and foam? Whatever! For all her intelligence and integrity, her high principles and morals and all her other ‘real’ and righteous qualities, what has she got?

But like I said, I don’t want to think or talk about her. She’s a bore and an embarrassment. (US)


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