Shopping at Charlotte Russe

burgundy lace bodysuit
The burgundy lace bodysuit has been used in a lot of photos and videos because it is one of the nicer tops in my wardrobe right now. I need a lot more tops.

Did some shopping at Charlotte Russe back in October and November because I wanted to write a review about Charlotte Russe. Charlotte Russe has crossed my radar a number of times and I’ve always been curious about the experience of shopping at Charlotte Russe. I’m glad I finally got around to finding out. I know Charlotte Russe isn’t for women my age, but I wear what I want to wear and I’ll buy it from where ever sells it.

So I purchased while shopping at Charlotte Russe…

  • A burgundy Waterfall Duster Cardigan
  • A black Tulip Shift Dress
  • A tan Ribbed Bodycon Midi Dress
  • A pink Eyelash Lace Bodycon Dress
  • A Velvet Cold Shoulder Bodycon dress
  • A white Asymmetrical Ruffle-Trim Skirt
  • A burgundy Lace Bell Sleeve Bodysuit
  • A pair of fishnet tights
  • A blue Faux Suede Midi Slip Dress

I was much in need (and still am) of clothing for my photo shoot and video shoot wardrobe. You can’t exactly keep wearing the same things over and over. I can appreciate now what it’s like for the famous ladies out there. Not that I am trying to put myself into this category. But I am out there promoting my singing and songwriting on social media so I need to have a wardrobe that is fairly extensive and regularly updating. In my every day life I don’t really care. I have only a handful of things that I wear routinely (seriously). This dates way back to my adolescence and teens and was a source of frustration for my mother. Because as you can imagine, if you only wear the same thing all the time, you’re not laundering it very often. I guess I should be embarrassed to admit that I am still like this. I will wear the same thing for many days in a row.

Here are some photos from the various photo sessions I’ve done since purchasing the items above. They serve well for the purpose they were purchased. They fit well. Like I said, not for every day wear. I’m not showy when it comes to fashion. I prefer to be comfortable. I do enjoy dressing up for photos and being able to experiment with a variety of styles. But most of the things I buy are things that won’t get worn except for pictures and videos because they are not my everyday wear style.

burgundy Waterfall Duster Cardigan blue suede slip dress
Me wearing the burgundy cardigan and the blue slip dress on December 17 trying to do some recordings of myself singing O Holy Night to promote on my Instagram.

I kinda ruined the cardigan not too long after by tying it at the waist. But really, I think that it got ruined is more to do with the quality of it because I should have been able to belt it without it being ruined.

Wearing the pink eyelash lace bodycon dress in an Instagram promotion for my singing and songwriting adventure.

Yes, I pretend that I am a model for a living. Guess that’s why I don’t make any money. Working for myself, by myself, it amounts to insanity I guess. But it’s what I do. You might classify it nothing but for me it is life.

burgundy lace bodysuit
The burgundy lace bodysuit has been used in a lot of photos and videos because it is one of the nicer tops in my wardrobe right now. I need a lot more tops.
charlotte russe dress faux gold choker necklace
Trying to be cute a creative, taking a selfie of me and my camera and my tripod. My camera and my tripod are among the most important things I own. They aren’t just helping me get my pictures and videos produced, they are helping me build up myself and pull up myself.

These are just some of the items that I purchased from Charlotte Russe. I also picked up a handful of things from Forever21 and Macys. Hardly enough to cover my needs but at least I have a few more options for my photoshoots than what I had before.

As for shopping at Charlotte Russe, it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t enjoy the long wait to receive the items; but the items are good enough for wearing out. I wouldn’t wear them out personally, because I don’t wear shot tight dresses or low cut dresses in public. Maybe the cardigan, but like I said it’s already ruined. The items were cheap. I bought them on sale. They are obviously not the highest quality, but they aren’t the shoddiest things I’ve ever purchased either.

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