Dear Diary, I’ve just spent $116.51 at #MACYS. Did I have $116.51 to spend on beauty and fashion purchases? No, I did not. But you know what? It occurs to me that I’ve been waiting for years for my fortunes to change to where I have the ability to pursue some of my interests. But here I am still where I was last year and the year before that, and the year before that and so on. The way I see it, if I continue to wait, I will never move from this point where I’ve been stuck for so many years, because the universe isn’t going to change my fortunes for me while I just sit back and wait for things to happen.

So I bought a handful of things at, taking advantage of their Friends & Family Sale.

I bought a couple of cheap t-shirts to style with the blue skirt I purchased from Amazon last week.

Karen Scott Petite Printed T-Shirt, Only at Macy's
Karen Scott Petite Printed T-Shirt, Only at Macy’s

I bought a red envelope clutch because I’ve been wanting to buy a red envelope clutch for years but kept resisting on account of the fact that I really have no use whatsoever for a red envelope clutch.

I bought a couple of O.P.I nail polishes, and I bought a beautyblender.

Did I need any of these things? No, I really didn’t, but I’ve bought them anyway. They range in price from $10 – $30. So it’s not like I went wild and crazy. $116.51 cents is nothing after all, and what’s outrageous here isn’t that I spent $116.51 on non-essentials when I know I really can’t afford it. What’s outrageous is that my financial situation is as pitiful as it is.

Here’s a gallery showcasing my purchased items.

Yes, it would be true to say that I am not in a position to be doing one hundred sixteen dollars and fifty-one cents worth of impulse shopping, but I’ve been feeling reckless lately. Acting responsibly hasn’t proven to be very rewarding. So I’ve decided it’s okay to act on impulse and spend some money on things I don’t really need. Why not?

Now I need to quadruple the werk input to try to make back what I spent and then some.


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