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Scent of a woman: revisiting Lady Gaga Fame

The Lady Gaga Fame perfume was  released back in 2012. It was Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, created in collaboration with Coty Inc.

We doubt Coty Inc. is still making new bottles of Lady Gaga Fame. From what we’ve read in a May 2015 article, the celebrity perfume business has been rapidly in decline for some time. And one of the companies that took the biggest hit was Coty. But even if Coty no longer produces Lady Gaga Fame, there are a number of places that still have bottles of the perfume in stock.

Recently we received a donation of celebrity fragrances and other beauty items. And a 1.0 ounce bottle of Lady Gaga fame was among the items in the box.

It’s probably pointless to do a review of a perfume that is outdated by several years and presumably no longer in production; but since we have it we figure we might as well review it. Besides, from what we can tell people are still buying it.
Lady Gaga Fame

What was up with the Lady Gaga Fame perfume commercial anyway?

Until today, we had never seen the commercial for the Lady Gaga Fame perfume. It’s certainly an interesting production. You can’t accuse it of not being unique any more than you can accuse Lady Gaga of not being unique. We’re sure everyone and their mother already saw it in 2012 when it launched. But in case you were under a rock at that time like we were, check it out below.

As for the perfume…

Lady Gaga Fame

The first thing we thought when we sprayed some on our wrist was that it smells like a cheap perfume. So it wasn’t surprising to us to read in that May 2015 article we referenced above that celebrity fragrances are generally regarded “typically low-end”. Lady Gaga Fame does smell like your typical bottle of cheap perfume. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an unpleasantly scented fragrance.

It’s actually quite tolerable to us. It’s not overpowering even when just sprayed. And it fades to a dull scent pretty quickly. So there isn’t a lot of time for it to become bothersome.

The bottle design

Lady Gaga Fame

It’s a cute enough bottle design. The cap looks nice and artsy; but it’s annoying trying to get it off. You can probably prick yourself and draw blood if you’re not careful. Then again, that just might have been the intent when you consider all the comments that were being made back in 2012 about the fragrance being based on the molecular structure of blood and other (male) bodily fluids…

Scent is described as being based on “notes of atropa belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron and honey…”

You can get this perfume for about $20 at Amazon.com

Purchase Lady Gaga Fame via Amazon.com


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