Rollneck sweaters–the what and whether in fact they are an essential wardrobe piece.

It is winter (well, actually not exactly yet. It’s still Fall). But fall too brings sweater weather for anyone who resides in a part of the world where temperatures get cold enough to require layering clothing. I am not a huge sweater person so I haven’t actually done any sweater shopping yet; but I might pick up one or two new sweaters to add to my sparse collection. I’m not sure my sweater purchases will include any rollneck sweaters though. I find sweaters bulky and uncomfortable generally. Add extra material at the neck and it won’t be long before I’m pulling the sweater off.

According to, rollneck sweaters are essential wardrobe pieces…

Y Project red Cotton Turtleneck Pullover rollneck sweater
Y/PROJECT Cotton Turtleneck Pullover – image via

Do you agree that rollneck sweaters are essential wardrobe pieces?

This red sweater from Y/PROJECT is among the wide assortment of rollneck sweaters available for purchase via the Stylebop.comwebsite. I’ve chosen it to comment on because it is an excellent example of an interesting piece of apparel that I would never be able to keep on for more than a brief moment. I would be trying to fix the shoulders, trying to find whatever it is that is snagging the material and causing the shoulders to bulk up and stick together and not fall the way they are supposed to. And I wouldn’t be able to deal with so much material on my neck. Especially if the material isn’t cashmere soft. And even then, the presence of any kind of fabric at my neck for an extended period of time risks my sanity. I can’t imagine this sweater is comfortable. And, honestly, I don’t want to say anything bad about someone’s creative vision, but, it looks like what happens when I attempt to make clothes. Interesting with more than just a touch of crazy.

Balenciaga red Deconstructed Virgin Wool Turtleneck Pullover rollneck sweater
Balenciaga red Deconstructed Virgin Wool Turtleneck Pullover rollneck sweater – image via

Here’s another interesting rollneck sweater that I cannot see myself being able to keep on for more than a half a minute. And it’s wool too? Maybe expensive wool sweaters are different from cheap wool sweaters, but in my experience, wool sweaters are not comfortable as it is. Make them bulky like this Balenciaga red deconstructed virgin wool turtleneck and I’m not wearing them, even if they are from Balenciaga and cost $1,150 USD. This sweater has almost enough neck to make a full human head.

I do have some rollneck sweaters in my collection, and I have worn them and managed to keep them on for more than a few minutes. I think the key for me as relates to rollneck sweaters, is that the sweaters cannot be bulky and heavy. They also cannot be clingy with the neck tightly fitted. So a rollneck sweater somewhere between bulky with excessive fabric and clingy with a tight neck is my personal preference.

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