I bought these pumps on clearance from justfab.com a few weeks ago. I picked up two pairs of pumps, a dress, a skirt and a blouse for a total of $39.95. You’d figure that many items for so small an amount of money would mean that everything would turn out to be a bunch of crap, but that was far from the case. While we’re not talking designer quality merchandise (whatever that is), everything is wearable and of decent enough quality to hold up a little while. The #JustFab Mannon floral pumps are even prettier in person than they were in the pictures that made me want to get them. I can’t really walk effortlessly in them; but they fit perfectly.

justfab mannon floral pumps red top blue jeans

I have a few outfit ideas for these JustFab Mannon floral pumps. Above, I am wearing the pumps with a red top and blue jeans. I put the look together on Sunday and spent the morning taking photos for this post. I didn’t actually wear this outfit to go anywhere. High heels are still just for playing dress-up in my living room. Still can’t walk in them well enough to chance wearing them out of the house. For going out I would typically wear this outfit with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals.

FYI: My hair is not dyed red in reality. I changed the color digitally using the Perfect365 app.

justfab mannon floral pumps red top blue jeans

I wish my living room was more interesting, or better yet, that my life was more interesting. Then I could take these pictures in exotic locales or at the very least in a more attractive interior space. I’m hoping to do some work on the decor. Definitely need a new couch and sofa and a couple of interesting area rugs. And maybe some window curtains? We shall see.


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