Yellow top blue skirt silver accessories outfit details: yellow long sleeved polyester top with blue and yellow print no-sew wrap skirt, blue #justfab pumps, and silver bangles fashioned into hoop earrings and hoops necklace. (no-sew wrap skirt means I fashioned a wrap skirt out of a piece of fabric. So my skirt isn’t really a skirt. It’s a piece of cloth that I wrapped around me to make a skirt)

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With everything that’s going on in the world it’s difficult to find inspiration for up-keeping a fashion blog these days; but on Friday last week I managed to find a few hours to do a little photo shoot for the purpose of writing a ‘Style Practice’ blog entry.

My closet remains very  limited so usually when I have impulses to do sessions for style practice I have to squelch them on account of having nothing to practice with. But I remembered that I had tried this very yellow top blue skirt combination a few months back and taken a selfie to post to my Instagram. And I had thought it was an interesting combination. So I decided to recreate it for a style practice blog post. And I used my cheap silver bangle bracelets to make hoop earrings and a necklace to accessorize the outfit.

Yellow top blue skirt silver accessories 2Unfortunately on Saturday morning my computer died and I lost all but two of the pictures from the shoot. Luckily I had emailed these two to myself so I could download them to my phone in order to change my hair color to blue in my Perfect365 app. I’ve recently cut my hair to a nearly bald length, and I’m thinking about alternating between blue, green, red and purple hair color. But I don’t have the courage to put color in my hair yet so I’m doing it digitally for now.

As you can see I’m still limited to taking my pictures in my unimpressive living room, but that’s all I’ve got for now. And to be frankly honest, I’m too self conscious to take pictures of myself in public places anyway. But I do still plan to try to do some shoots in locations other than inside my apartment. Not sure when that will happen, but in the meantime, I won’t let not having money for great clothes and for traveling to great locations be a reason not to keep after my goals.

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