Latest closet additions – the JustFab print wrap dress

JustFab green blue white print dress 1-M

JustFab green blue white print dress 1-MHello all. Summer came and is soon to go. I haven’t been updating much, but I’m hoping that will change soon. Here’s a quick “Latest Closet Additions” post to showcase one of the items (a print wrap dress) I have recently added to my closet. As I am still scraping by, my new closet addition isn’t the dreamed after Louboutin heels or the Valentino dress. But maybe that’s a good thing, because I think when I finally get around to making those high end purchases I’m going to feel really stupid for doing it.

Back in June, got me again. Remember last year when I forgot to skip a month and got $40 charged to my credit card. It happened again. But like last year, I’m not really all that upset because I was able to apply the $40 to the purchase of a new pair of shoes. And while I was at it, I also purchased a dress. Then after my items arrived, I went to the website to cancel my membership. I saw that they were having a clearance sale so I checked it out. I’m kind of glad I did because now I think I will stay with JustFab a little longer in case they should have more clearance sales. I was able to pick up a top and a skirt, two pairs of shoes and this print wrap dress for under $50. And, while they don’t fulfill my high end fantasies, they are still perfectly adequate.

Here are some pictures of the dress. It’s a green/navy/white print wrap dress. I haven’t found occasion to wear it out yet. I’ve only put it on a few times to do a photo session for the purpose of illustrating this post.

JustFab green blue white print wrap dress

justfab green blue white print wrap dressThe dress is comfortable enough. It fits well. I did have to pin up the part that wraps across the bosom in order to avoid showing any cleavage. And the part that wraps at the hem area does give a little trouble when sitting. It shows a lot more leg than I generally feel comfortable showing.

justfab green blue white print wrap dress with green Qupid pumps

But I do like the dress and hope that I will have occasion to wear it out soon. For the photos I wore a pair of green pumps purchased back in 2015. I haven’t actually worn these pumps out anywhere because I don’t wear high heels to go out. But they were perfect for this dress. I also tried them with blue pumps which work just as well as the green I think.

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