I ordered a few things from H&M this week. One was a bag that I saw on the Instagram page of a lady I follow whose style I love. The bag looked so opulent in her picture that I was surprised when I read that it was from H&M. This is a lady who has more than her fair share of super expensive designer bags. She definitely has multiple Chanel bags, and I’m sure I’ve seen a Hermes bag or two, so I certainly wasn’t expecting to discover that this bag was actually something I could afford. But when I saw it was from H&M I dared to hope, and to my pleasant surprise, I found the bag still available and costing only $34.99. (Of course, I saw that it’s on sale today for $19.99. Too bad I didn’t stumble across the picture today instead of Monday.) Anyway, I figured since it’s the holidays and I was already maxing out my credit cards trying to get gifts for other people, I could spend a few dollars to get something for myself. So I bought the bag along with two sweaters that were on sale, and a pair of white pants.

The bag arrived yesterday…

HM Spherical Shoulder Bag velvet-covered material metal clasp metal chain shoulder strap

HM Spherical Shoulder Bag velvet-covered material metal clasp metal chain shoulder strap

It looks cute. I like it; but I don’t know that I’d have bought it for $34.99 if I’d gone to a store and seen it in person. I would have thought it was cute, but I wouldn’t have felt like I had to have it. I felt that way because it looked so lovely in the Instagram picture where I saw it first. But now that I have it, although it’s cute, it’s just not something I would have bought for $35 if I’d seen it in a store. I do like it and I will be keeping it.

But it does kind of make me think of Christmas tree ornaments. What about you?

HM Spherical Shoulder Bag velvet-covered material with a metal clasp at top and a narrow metal chain shoulder strap


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