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One of the brands we were lucky enough to try thanks to Rakuten Marketing and the #RANBonusBox was Monica Vinader.

The Bonus Box we received earlier in the month contained a Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship Bracelet.Monica Vinader 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver Fiji friendship bracelet

The folks at call the Fiji friendship bracelet the “ultimate and iconic friendship bracelet”. The bracelet comes in “a mix of colours and finishes including cord, chain and diamonds”.

The one we received was the 18ct Rose Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver Fiji bracelet with black cord. It’s a cute little bracelet that brings out our spirit of girlhood.

We have to confess, we were total outcasts in our elementary/junior high school days. No one ever gave us a friendship bracelet. Then again we never gave anyone a friendship bracelet either. But that was because we couldn’t find anybody who wanted to be friends we us.

Now that we’re all grown up the girlish friendship bracelets (the ones made out of string) are a no-no to wear. But friendship bracelets like the Monica Vinader Fiji friendship bracelet are perfectly appropriate to buy for yourself or to give as gifts to your adult girlfriends.

monica wearing Monica Vinader rose gold vermeil Fiji friendship bracelet with black cordMost of the reviews we found for this bracelet are raves. It seems to be mostly something people buy to give as gifts to their friends, which makes perfect sense. But if you don’t have anyone in your life who would buy you a friendship bracelet (or anyone for whom to buy a friendship bracelet), buy a friendship bracelet or two for your inner little girl. Show her how much she means to you.

Other cord colors for the Monica Vinader Fiji friendship bracelet include plum, coral, green, royal blue, nude and navy. And available finishes include yellow gold and sterling silver.Monica Vinader Fiji friendship bracelet sterling silver with coral cordAn example of the sterling silver Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship bracelet. Like the yellow gold and the rose gold corded versions of the Fiji bracelet, the sterling silver comes in the same variety of cord colors.

Monica Vinader Fiji friendship bracelet yellow gold with racing green cordAn example of the yellow gold Monica Vinader Fiji Friendship bracelet. This features the 18ct yellow Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver with racing green cord.

We wouldn’t mind getting our hands on a few more of the Fiji bracelet. We really like the girlishness of it. Sometimes you need to let inner little girl out to play. It can get pretty tiresome and boring having to take life so seriously all the time just because you’re an adult. It’s important to be able to lighten up and be childlike sometimes even if you’re 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 or 105. The other day we saw an 85 year old woman wearing her hair Pocahontas style and swing dancing like she was seventeen. We’re willing to bet the reason she looked happier and more filled with life than women 30/40 years younger is because she never allowed the spirit of her inner little girl to die. She kept her youthful spirit alive by allowing herself to lighten up and have fun through all the decades of her life.

An outfit idea for styling your Monica Vinader Fiji friendship bracelet

Monica Vinader fiji friendship bracelet with Balmain burgundy leather dress Tibi fur coat Stella McCartney boots Saint laurent bag

This might be a little over the top but we like the idea of the look for a photo shoot. Maybe not as an outfit for real world wear. It’s a look we’d love to test drive, but the Balmain dress comes with a $4,440 price tag. The Tibi fur coat comes with a $3,200 price tag. (We are not advocating wearing fur. Were we so lucky to try this look we would opt for a faux fur coat). The Saint Laurent bag comes with a $2,750 price tag. The Stella McCartney boots are $870. And let’s not talk about the price of the other pieces of jewelry.

About the Monica Vinader brand:

Monica Vinader is a British luxury jewelry brand. They create “instantly wearable, contemporary pieces to style, stack and personalise with engraving”. They list among the famous names who love the brand: Emma Watson, Olivia Palermo and the Duchess of Cambridge.



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