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Marni Resort 2016 – what we want…

We’re in the middle of checking out the Moda Operandi Marni Resort 2016 editorial

We’ve already indicated that we love all things Marni. Of course we own nothing from the brand (just can’t afford yet). So we’re judging according to how the things look in pictures.

Sometimes you look at pictures of styles from designers and they don’t really particularly move you. They’re pretty ordinary, like everything else you’ve seen. Then you look at others and you start to feel a little more excited and energized. You get that I want it impulse.

We’re not saying Marni will stir that impulse in you.  What stirs that impulse in one person might not necessarily stir it in another. But Marni definitely stirs that impulse in us.

It’s rare to see something designed by Marni that we would never want to wear.

Here are our top picks from the Moda Operandi Marni Resort 2016 showcase

Marni Pleated Colorblock Wraparound SkirtTalk about a skirt with a seriously quirky personality. This skirt has a touch of everything. It has an asymmetrical hem cut. It’s a color-block skirt that mixes yellow and pink and black. It’s pleated. It’s a wrap-around skirt. It’s a self-tie bow skirt.

At $2,360, this skirt is going on our keep dreaming list for now. We want it; but 🙁 we can afford it

Marni Red Jeweled Drop Earring

Marni Red Jeweled Drop Earring

Marni red gold clip-on earrings made of 45% brass, 35% crystal, 20% methacrylic. Features a square post with a dropped crystal leaf design. Price tag $1,020

Marni Embellished Leather Duster Coat

Marni Embellished Leather Duster CoatWe don’t know that we’d actually have the courage to wear this out and about. It’s so bright red. No one can fail to notice you when you’re walking around wearing so vibrant and red a leather duster. But to have this available in our closet for use when we’re feeling creative and want to take pictures would be awesome.

The price tag on this baby is $5,380. So yeah, not a coat for strolling down the block of our mid-west street to go shopping at the grocery store.

Marni Mink Fur Capelet

Cute little mink fur capelet featuring a peak lapel, boxy cropped silhoeutte. For draping over shoulder. Made of 100% genuine Mink fur imported from Finland.

Yes, we know, the socially conscious and responsible do not wear fur. But we can still find a something that’s made of fur cute can’t we? Is it also wrong to think something is cute if it is made of fur? What are the rules for this sort of thing? Should we be immediately repelled and outraged when we see an item of clothing that is made from real fur? We’re just asking…

This comes with an $18,280 price tag.


What are your favorites looks from the Moda Operandi Marni Resort 2016 collection?

Marni Resort 2016
Image via Moda Operandi

Marni Resort 2016

Image via Moda Operandi

Check out the editorial for more looks.


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