This MANGO Leopard faux fur coat

Mango medium brown leopard faux fur coat

What do you think of this MANGO Leopard faux fur coat?

Leopard print and fur. By themselves these are looks we don’t typically wear. But we would definitely buy this Mango Leopard faux fur coat if frivolous purchases were in the budget right now. It looks so soft and fluffy and warm. And the price tag is only $189.99

MANGO leopard faux fur coat
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This would be something we would buy just to take pictures of ourselves wearing for the sheer fun of it. We definitely would not have the courage to go outdoors wearing leopard print by itself, or fur by itself. So a leopard faux fur coat isn’t something you’re likely to see us wearing outside.

But we wouldn’t hesitate to wrap ourselves in the warmth of this coat and sit at our dining room table pretending we’re having lunch at a semi posh eatery in Manhattan during an impromptu mid-winter visit to New York.

MANGO leopard faux fur coat 2
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Why wouldn’t we wear this MANGO leopard faux fur coat outside? For one thing we don’t want to upset anybody by wearing fur (even faux fur). Although, no one would imagine it was real fur if we did wear it out. They’d take one look at us and know we didn’t have money to afford real fur. But even so, wearing faux fur could be seen as a sign that we support the fur industry. And we don’t want to take that risk. The other reason is that a fur coat, whether real or fake, is kind of ostentatious. And we’re not the type to seek to draw attention to ourselves. People in fur coats always stand out. We prefer not to stand out. So we wouldn’t wear fur outdoors.

The coat’s fabric composition: 78% acrylic,15% polyester,7% modacrylic, Lining: 100% polyester.




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