Here’s another morning feeling blue…. It’s pretty early to be blogging about my fashion wants. The sun’s not up yet but whatever. I’m sitting here wearing my blue dress again. Not this cute little blue drop waist dress from Modcloth.

Blue drop waist pleated dress

My blue dress (the one I’m wearing), is going on two years old and only worn for sitting around the apartment.  This blue dress (the modcloth dress), I’m not sure where I would wear it or even if I could wear it. You know that age appropriate dressing stuff that people like to start throwing at you after age 25 or so?

The question is what kind of shoes would be best to wear with this dress? I personally think flats would work better than heels. Maybe some ballet flats or gladiator sandals.

I can see wearing a pair of red ballet flats with this dress. For some reason red seems to be a common choice of color for shoes to wear with a dress that’s an electric shade of blue.

I’m not sure the style of this dress would help to conceal a belly that isn’t flat though so even though I think it’s cute and I’d buy it to have it just in case an occasion might arise when I would want to wear it even if it’s only to wear at home it would probably sit in my closet like many of my items of clothing and never see the light of day.

Here’s the dress by itself:

More information about Modcloth Drop Waist No Time Dress

The stuff from the set with prices

  • Dropwaist dress” $53
  • Forever 21 flat shoes” $17
  • Banana republic handbag” $120
  • VIVO bracelet” $22
  • Ice jewelry” $65
  • Kokin hat” £132

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