Our colors for today were green and black so we’ve decided to do a green and black outfit ideas post.

We think black is one of the best color to wear with green. It tones down the green, especially if it’s a very bold and/or very bright shade of green.

There are other colors that go nicely with green of course, but we don’t think you can ever go wrong pairing black with green. Well, we should probably amend that as it clearly depends on what you’re wearing with what.

Our first green and black outfit idea pairs a green Diane Von Furstenberg dress with black Saint Laurent pumps, a black Saint Laurent clutch and a black Jil Sander navy coat.

We’re thinking this outfit would work best for an early evening affair that requires some dressing up, but nothing too fancy. Not a ballgown type affair but something semi-formal in the kind of company where the ladies dress more modestly. Or it could be worn to work with a more appropriate bag.

1Green and black outfit ideas – Look #1

Green and black outfit idea wearing green dress black coat

2Green and black outfit ideas – Look #2

Proeza Schouler black off the shoulder tweed top green Thakoon boucle wool flared hem skirt green and black outfit idea
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