Easter Sunday orange peach makeup Look

Easter Sunday Peach makeup look

Today is Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to all who observe the day. I am not actively religious myself. However, while growing up Easter Sunday was a big event. You got all dressed up in your best clothes and went to church. Then you went home and had a nice big Easter Sunday dinner. And the day after you went to the beach and had yourself some great fun. My mother always knew how to make these special days extra special. But this year Easter Sunday is a sad day for her as she has lost a brother. So before I go on to talk about something as trivial as make-up I would like to acknowledge the passing of my uncle. I met him only a few times when I was little and I don’t remember very much about him. But I know my mother loved her brother and is heart broken over his passing. I hope that she and my uncle’s wife, children and the rest of his family will find comfort in their memories of him.

Make the most of every day…

orange eye shadow

I don’t have any plans for today myself. I probably should have planned on making a nice dinner or going out to eat. It’s a nice sunny day. But I hadn’t even known for a fact that today is Easter Sunday until I Googled “When is Easter Sunday”.  So I am home doing nothing. I was fooling around in Photoshop to pass some time earlier. I did some work on a photo of myself. I touched it up quite a bit (some might suggest too much). Then I uploaded the photo to taaz.com to apply an orange peach makeup look.

Peach orange Makeup Look

According to the info on taaz.com, my orange peach makeup look was achieved using the items below:

NARS Duo Eyeshadow, Sandra (Bone Silver Mist)

NARS Duo Eyeshadow Sandra Bone Silver Mist

  • NARS cream eye shadow in El Dorado
  • NARS blush in luster
  • Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadows in Seashells 4
  • NARS satin lipstick in promiscuous
  • Chanel inimitable mascara in 10 noir black

NARS blush eyeshadow chanel mascara revlon eyeshadow

To be honest with you I don’t think these items will give you an orange peach makeup look. Based on the descriptions I’ve read from customers for these items, the promiscuous satin lipstick is more along the pinkish, purplish, berryish range of shades. Why it looks orange peach on my lips is anybody’s guess. Maybe it only looks that way on my screen? Or is this an indication that online make-up tools don’t give you an accurate picture of how the items you use look in reality?

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The hoop earrings…

The earrings were Photoshopped in place. They were taken from a photo of Jennifer Lopez. My eye lashes and eyebrows are obviously not real eyelashes and eyebrows. Those were drawn on using Photoshop brushes then enhanced on taaz.com.

easter sunday peach orange makeup look 2 copy
A heavier eyeshadow look done in Perfect365

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could magically paint away all your imperfections in real life the way you can in Photoshop?


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