Closet updated: London Fog Michael Kors DL1961

I've added a new London Fog coat, Michael Kors blouse, Inc International Concepts bag and DL1961 jeans to my wardrobe


Last month I added a few new items to my wardrobe, including a London Fog coat (#londonfog), a Michael Kors (#michaelkors) top and an INC International Concepts bag all of which I purchased on sale at #macys. I also acquired a new pair of jeans. The jeans were a gift that came my way via the #RANBonusBox from Rakuten Marketing courtesy of #DL1961.

London Fog layered collar peacoat - Thursday January 14th Photo Session

I purchased the London Fog coat because it was seriously way past time for a new Winter coat. I’ve been wearing the same coat for a few years. I probably would have continued wearing it for Winter 2016 but it decided for me that it was time to let it go.

Lucky for me I found this London Fog coat on sale at Macys over the holidays. I bit the bullet and purchased it.

Features of the coat

  • Notched collar with layered detail
  • Button closure at front
  • Long sleeves
  • Slit pockets at hips
  • Lined
  • Mid-weight
  • Wool/polyester/viscose/other fibers; lining: polyester

My Impressions: I’m not sure if a peacoat is only for younger ladies; but if it is too bad. I love my new coat. I love how it looks on me and how girly it makes me feel. I haven’t “mid-west winter weather” tested it yet; but it seems like a pretty strong, sturdy coat that should keep me warm as long as I’m properly layered underneath.

The Michael Kors blouse and DL1961 jeans

Michael Michael Kors black blouse DL1961 jeans Inc International Concepts bucket bag - Thursday January 14th Photo Session

The Michael Kors blouse is a nice, black, long-sleeved polyester blouse with a pull-over style, v-neckline and inverted pleat design in the front. It’s a fairly loose hanging blouse, so if you have a protruding stomach like I do (darned ugly fibroids), it can help to disguise it up to a point. Sometimes a loose fitting top only emphasizes a protruding stomach but the inverted pleat detail of this top helps to downplay my pregnant with fibroids belly.

I’ve been wanting to buy a black blouse for a while so I’m glad I finally did.

The DL1961 jeans

DL1961 instasculpt denim jeans hang tags

I received a gift postcard for a pair of DL1961 jeans in December’s #RANBonusbox. I selected a pair of coated “Instasculpt” skinny jeans because I’ve been needing a pair of black jeans and I’ve been curious to try jeans with that coated leather look to them. I have to say, I absolutely love these jeans. They are amazingly comfortable for being so skinny and fitted. And I think they look great on me. I would love to try a pair in an outrageous color like red.

INC International Concepts Pia Mini Bucket Bag

INC International Concepts Pia Mini Bucket Bag

This is a cute little bag. In person the red is not quite as scarlet as it appears on my screen. It’s a mini bag so capacity isn’t going to be accommodating when it’s necessary to pack everything in your house in your bag. The gold chain drawstring is cute but you do compromise function for style in this case. You can’t exactly tie it (at least I haven’t figured out a way), so it doesn’t stay drawn tight.

I have to admit, I do think this bag, while affordable, is still priced a little bit high. It does look good. It’s well made. The quality isn’t inferior by any means; but I think the sale price makes more sense as the regular price.

The Worthington Ankle Boots

These are an old pair of ankle boots that I’ve had for a while. Probably the next addition to my closet will be a new pair of boots. I’ve been wearing the same pair of boots every winter for way too many years. I would be embarrassed to admit how many. I’ve been shopping around to find the right pair of boots to get me through the mid-west winter season with style. Maybe that will be the focus of my next Style Journal post — the acquisition of a new pair of boots.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping.

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