Burgundy and black outfit ideas for burgundy black friday


Happy Burgundy Black Friday night!

It’s been a crazy day around here.

We started the day trying to do a shoot to capture some photos to illustrate the Burgundy Black Friday feature we planned to write much earlier in the day; but we had some hiccups.

Burgundy Black Friday is practically over and here we are only now getting around to doing this feature (with no awesome images to go with it :().

The point of burgundy black Friday was to wear burgundy and black in some combined form today. Burgundy is still having a moment. It’s one of the hot colors of fall 2015.

Here is an outfit that is pretty similar to what our editor in chief wore today for Burgundy black friday.

burgundy silk tie bow blouse black leather pencil skirt black boots blazer tights socks

Basically, she wore a burgundy semi sheer Forever21 tie bow blouse with a black leather pencil skirt, black tights with burgundy socks and her several years old faux leather black ankle boots.

Here’s what the tights boots and socks looked like.

black tights burgundy socks black boots 2We know–you’re wondering WHY?? with the burgundy socks, but she wanted to try something different…

The boots and tights aren’t nearly as extravagant as the Hogan boots and Saint Laurent tights shown in the similar outfit picture. Her boots were about $40 compared to the $429 for the Hogan boots (you can find these at farfetch.com). And her tights were between $5 – $10. The Saint Laurent tights are $410.92 (can you believe a pair of tights can cost $410?) If you can afford four hundred dollar tights, you can pick up a pair of these Saint Laurent classic stockings at farfetch.com

The socks shown above can be purchased at Macys.

The RED Valentino silk blouse above can be purchased via stylebop.com. It comes with a $415 price tag. It is a 100% silk top and is actually cranberry red which is a deep red that looks burgundy. The Blazer is a $555 Paul Smith black wool single button blazer. The skirt is a Plein Sud Black leather blend pencil skirt. It comes with a $1,350 price tag. And the bag is a Class Roberto Cavalli Pantera Nera Black Embossed Leather Satchel Bag. You can find the bag via Forzieri.com. It comes with a $515 price tag.

Class Roberto Cavalli Pantera Nera Black Embossed Leather Satchel Bag

shop hot designer bags at forzieriBy contrast the burgundy blouse worn by our editor in chief was a thrift shop purchase. It’s from Forever21 and made of polyester. And the blazer was also a thrift shop purchase.

burgundy tie bow blouse black leather pencil skirt black blazerDon’t wear this outfit to the grocery store…

Our editor in chief went to the grocery store in her burgundy blouse and black leather skirt outfit today.

Her advice: only go to the grocery store dressed as above if you’re heading to the grocery store straight from work. If you’re getting dressed specifically to go grocery shopping  and you’re going to be shopping for at least an hour, wear a comfortable outfit. Mostly make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. But don’t look like you’re coming from the office if you left straight from home to the grocery store and you’re going from the grocery store straight back home with no plans to head to the office.

The above outfit is better suited for a day at work.

For the grocery store, if you want to do black and burgundy, try black jeans and a burgundy top or a burgundy sweater, or burgundy jeans and a black top or sweater.


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