From the Dundas PF20 Trunkshow  – this high drama dress has the high drama price tag to go with it. To get your hands on it, you will need $9,580. That’s nine-thousand five-hudred and eighty dollars.

Belted yellow dress – Belted Silk Collared Dress – Image via

If you're shopping for a long maxi belted yellow dress made of silk and you've got the bank account to afford it, this dress will surely fit the bill...

Can you picture yourself walking down the street where you live wearing this Dundas belted yellow dress, strutting in high heels?

If you did go walking down the street where you live wearing this Dundas belted yellow dress, strutting in high heels, everybody would notice you. They’d turn their heads to look at you. Of course they’d be wondering WTF is the deal with this woman? Some would think you must be somebody noteworthy. They’d be wondering, “Who is she?”. Others will think you think you’re somebody. They’ll wonder,”who does she think she is?” But whatever they think, people will notice you, remember you and mention you to somebody like:

“Hey, guess what I saw today. Some crazy lady walking down Florida Ave in a bright yellow, flowing maxi dress like she thought she was some kind of celebrity walking down Hollywood Boulevard.” And the person will whip out their cell phone with the picture they secretly took of you after you had passed by them. They’ll show it to their friend and the two of them will start rolling over laughing. But deep down they’ll be wishing they had your confidence and courage and style.

What do you think about this dress?

The price tag is absurd but it’s an interesting dress. It’s definitely something I would love to have in my closet for those days when I want to play dress up and pretend like I’m stylish and sophisticated. It’s a great dress for a photo shoot. Practical? Perhaps not. Where could I wear it in my ordinary life? But if I was a rich lady I’d no doubt be able to find a number of occasions to wear it.


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