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Will it give you better skin care results to eat aloe vera meat or drink aloe vera juice vs putting aloe vera gel and other aloe based skin care products on your skin?

aloe vera stock photo model skin care benefits of aloe vera plant juice meat flesh
Image is of a stock photo model licensed via - model posing aloe vera skin care - eating the meat/flesh vs drinking the juice/gel vs topical application

There’s nothing new I can tell you about the benefits of aloe vera for your skin. I don’t know for a fact if it will give you better skin care results to eat aloe vera meat or drink aloe vera juice vs putting aloe on your skin in some form.  I will say that I have consumed aloe vera meat (or flesh or how ever you refer to the meaty slimy contents of the leaf) for decades on and off. I’ve also put aloe on my skin (mostly my face), also for decades on and off. I don’t know that I would say aloe by itself has resulted in anything amazing that I can report. When applied topically it has made my skin look healthier, more vibrant. But that’s right after use. And most people’s skin, it would seem to me, will look healthier and more vibrant freshly washed and soothed with aloe gel.  I also can’t report any personal major benefit from eating aloe. But I believe that a “from the inside out” approach to skin care is the best way to take care of your skin.

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There is information out there suggesting aloe vera meat can be toxic. So, if you’re researching the benefits of consuming aloe because you’re thinking about getting started eating aloe vera meat, you should probably read up on that a bit before you cut yourself a piece of aloe and start chomping on it.

Here is some information from Wikipedia for your reference

Aloin, a compound found in the semi-liquid latex of some Aloe species, was the common ingredient in over-the-counter (OTC) laxative products in the United States until 2002 when the Food and Drug Administration banned it because manufacturers failed to provide the necessary safety data. Aloe vera has potential toxicity, with side effects occurring at some dose levels both when ingested and when applied topically. Although toxicity may be less when aloin is removed by processing, Aloe vera ingested in high amounts may induce side effects, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or hepatitis.Chronic ingestion of aloe (dose of 1 gram per day) may cause adverse effects, including hematuria, weight loss, and cardiac or kidney disorders.

Aloe vera juice is marketed to support the health of the digestive system, but there is neither scientific evidence nor regulatory approval for this claim. The extracts and quantities typically used for such purposes are associated with toxicity in a dose-dependent way. (Wikipedia)

If you’re curious about eating aloe you might want to thoroughly research the subject. It’s probably not worth it to risk cardiac and kidney disorders or hepatitis or even diarrhea issues just to eat aloe in the hope of experiencing positive skin benefits. Like I said, I’ve consumed aloe on and off for many years, but that isn’t evidence of it being a safe thing to do. You as an individual will need to do your own research and make a decision based on that.

Stock photo model showing aloe vera skin care eat aloe vera meat vs drink aloe vera juice vs topical skin application aloe vera products
Stock photo model showing aloe vera skin care eat aloe vera meat vs drink aloe vera juice vs topical skin application aloe vera products - image via

So, will or won't it give you better skin care results to eat aloe vera meat or drink aloe vera juice vs putting aloe vera gel and other aloe based skin care products on your skin?

I am not a skin care expert or a scientist so, as I said above, I don’t know the actual answer to this question. What I will say based on interpretation of my own Internet research is that there are claims that topical application of a substance can produce results in a shorter time span than if you eat things containing the desirable substance. But the results from topical application are usually short lived and require you to keep purchasing the product you’re using. Your skin issues do not actually get “fixed” or “healed”.  And eventually the product will often just stop working and any results you achieved while using it, in my experience, begin to wear off. Whereas, if you are approaching your skincare from an inside out perspective, it will more likely be the case that you can sustain the benefits of improved healthier skin for longer and it will not just be the illusion of improvement.

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In my daily life, I am striving to live consciously and to hold myself accountable for what I contribute to the world that isn’t positive even if it’s just a thought. So I am trying to reprogram myself to unlearn the damaging lessons about human worth that, in my opinion, help to make the world a less desirable place and the experience of life and living less happy than it could and should be. It’s a process and, because I am, like every other person on earth, riddled with contradiction, I will never fully or permanently achieve a condition of accepting non-judging purity of spirit and intention in always having a motivation of peace and kindness and love.  But I am trying to grow more conscious, more honest and intentional in my effort to live accordingly day by day.

In trying to live consciously I want to remove from my mind the expectation of what skin is supposed to look like in order for a person to be considered worthy to be seen. I hate the word beautiful but it exists. I hesitate to use it because it is one of those words–it means something very specific to each person. So regardless what you’re saying or intend to be saying, people will interpret the word literally according to the specific thing it means to them. But, like I said, the word exists and is nearly impossible to avoid using.  So I’ll go ahead and use it and say that I am striving to remove from my mind the expectation of what skin should look like in order to be called beautiful.

beautiful skin aloe vera skin care benefits
Beautiful skin aloe vera skin care benefits - image of stock photo model via


A number of years ago I dabbled in DIY skincare product development. My skin was then in the worst condition it had been in my life. I concocted a serum made of vitamins A and C and a moisturizer made from with aloe vera and other ingredients and used it on my face and the results were amazing. But then I stopped keeping up with the care of my skin in part because it was becoming expensive but mostly because it was becoming tedious to input that amount of time and interest into trying to keep my skin spotless and line free. Recently I’ve started to notice that my skin is going back to that point of looking near the worse it has ever looked. So I’m going back to the lab to see what I can concoct. That means I’ll be doing a lot of research and blogging about it as I go along. And today I’m researching aloe as I am considering it as one of the ingredients in the first product I am going to try to develop. But so far in my research, I’m not necessarily finding any information that convinces me aloe belongs in the product I want to develop.  I want to not need to use anything else but the product I develop, and for it to be as clean and natural a product as possible while being effective for moisturizing the skin and hair. Obviously aloe is natural and the claims are that it’s great for the skin and great for hair. I’m conducting a test at present, mixing it with the primary base around which my product will be built. I’ll be blogging and (maybe) vlogging as I move forward in the process so stay tuned.

And if there’s something you’ve been wanting to do but just keep talking about it and not actually doing it for one reason or another, remember, you’ll probably regret never trying more than you’ll regret trying and failing. So get started trying!

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