It wasn’t so long ago that we were salivating over Valentino rockstud pumps….

But today while working on an outfit idea and trying to find the right shoes to go with the outfit, we realized that our excitement over Valentino Rockstud pumps had waned considerably. So we started wondering if it was just us or if maybe other people were starting to get over their rockstud obsession.

We used to get so excited looking at pictures on Instagram of lucky girls showing off their rockstud pumps. We would have given almost anything to be so lucky that we could afford to buy ourselves a pair. And to be honest, we’d still buy a pair or two if we could afford it. It’s not that we no longer think these shoes are nice. They are still nice shoes and we still like them and would love to try them out. But we’re not at the heart palpitations stage of being in love with the rockstud pump any more.

What about you? Are you still in love with rockstud pumps or has the excitement worn off for you? Maybe you were never rockstud obsessed to begin with? Or maybe you’re one of the lucky girls who happens to have a pair or five in her enviable designer shoe collection?

How many pair of Valentino rockstud pumps do you own?

Valentino Rockstud pumps

While our lust for the rockstud pump has cooled from a hotly raging boil to a tepid simmer, we would still get very excited if we were to come across the sale of a lifetime that allowed us to get our hands on a pair or two. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could find a brand new authentic pair for under $500? Or better yet under $200?

You can probably find Valentino rockstud pumps on sale somewhere but…

Valentino shoes cost a pretty penny. So even though you can probably find rockstud pumps on sale, the sale price is likely to still be quite high for us ladies for whom high end purchases necessarily have to be delayed until that lucky day when we hit the jackpot of some lottery game or sweepstakes.

Finding rockstud pumps on sale will be of no benefit if spending $99 on a pair of shoes is something that you have to consider from numerous practical angles and calculate your expenses to ensure it’s something you can afford.

The reason: you’re not likely to find a brand new pair of Valentino shoes on sale for under $500. You can probably find a pair of used rockstuds for under $500; but not a brand new pair. And it just wouldn’t be the same buying a used pair. You’re paying hundreds of dollars to purchase shoes that someone else wore and didn’t need anymore. We’d rather use our money on something else than to purchase used shoes. The only way we’d buy used Valentino rockstud pumps would be if the price was under $50. And even then, we’d only do it if the shoes were in really good condition.

What about you?

Would you buy a used pair of Valentino rockstud pumps for $500?

Or would you rather wait and hope that someone decides to hold the sale of a lifetime? We’d rather wait and hope.

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