Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Hotel


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Permanently settle into a five-star hotel with the luxe ambiance of a lavish bedroom. Check out these six ways to make your bedroom feel like a hotel. You won’t regret this upgrade!

Choose a Calm Color Pallet

Neutral color palettes create a calm, serene atmosphere. That’s why most hotels have monochromatic rooms with beige, white, and pale hues. Elevate your space with a calm color palette and repaint your room. Remember, neutral colors go beyond the walls. You can also incorporate neutral drapery, upholstery, and more.

Try the Triple Sheeting Method

It’s no secret that hotel beds are incredibly comfortable. Most five-star places incorporate mattress toppers, soft sheets, and other cozy bedding. However, a simple trick can upgrade your bed. Make your bedroom feel like a hotel with the triple sheet method. Layer a thin blanket between your flat sheet and duvet or comforter. This technique makes your bed look clean and crisp. It also adds an extra layer of warmth on chilly nights!

Add Fluffy Pillows

Feel like you’re on cloud nine when you sleep on hotel-style pillows. After all, they’re fluffy, soft, and luxurious. Choose pillows with 100 percent goose down or a mix of feathers and foam. Not only are they comfortable but they also support your head, neck, and spine. Say goodbye to stiff necks and achy backs when a pillow upgrade can improve your sleep.

Incorporate Indirect Lighting

Lighting sets the tone for any room. Create a hotel-like experience with indirect lighting from lamps, track lights, LED strips, and semi-flush fixtures. Ideally, you want soft illumination that adds to your calm environment.

Carefully Pick the Decor

High-end hotels don’t have rooms with tons of knick-knacks or accessories. Adapt this minimalist mindset to your room, and carefully pick some décor to match. The idea is to minimize visual clutter and incorporate statement pieces on medium to large flat surfaces. For example, a small vase of flowers or an elegant candle are great nightstand accessories.

Don’t Forget About the Closet

Think about every aspect of your bedroom, including the closet. Maintain a neat wardrobe for a clean and crisp space. You can also enhance your area with hotel-like scents. In particular, you can keep your closet smelling fresh with essential oils. Many hotels use scents like vanilla, sandalwood, aloe, cedar wood, and lemon blossom to maintain a relaxing atmosphere.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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