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Tops Tips for Designing Your Backyard Pool

Designing a backyard pool and selecting each element are big tasks for anyone. Avoid getting overwhelmed during the design process by breaking down the key elements to focus on first. Here are some top tips for designing your backyard pool so you know which design features are most important.

Consider Your Pool’s Size and Style

The biggest factors to consider when first designing your backyard pool are how big you want it to be and where you want to place it. Charting your backyard’s dimensions will help you have a better idea of how large a pool you can afford to design and install. You should also consider any additional features you want your pool to have during this phase, such as an attached hot tub, a diving board, a deep end, and in-pool sitting areas.

Don’t Forget Safety Design Elements

Safety is crucial in pool design, especially for families with small children. Make sure your pool’s blueprint includes the minimum number of entry and exit points. These points must also include safety ladders and a shallow end for small children if needed.

The type of concrete or other material you choose for around your pool is also important for safety. Some of the best concrete choices for pool surrounds are textured and patterned concretes because they provide more traction when their surface gets wet.

Plan The Backyard Area Surrounding Your Pool

As your pool becomes a central feature of your backyard, it’s important to consider how this new layout will change your landscaping. You may need to replant various plants, shrubs, and trees to provide new balance to your yard. Your pool’s placement will also affect where you can place other installations, such as a patio, outdoor kitchen, and deck. Consider adding these spaces around your incoming pool to turn your backyard into a full summer getaway if you don’t already have those outdoor amenities.

Use these tips for designing your backyard pool to take care of the main bulk of the design. Once these elements are out of the way, you can move on to smaller, more detailed decisions like tile color, lighting, and other fun aesthetic elements.

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