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How To Throw the Best Backyard Pool Party

What’s better than a day spent hanging at the pool with friends and family? If you ask us, nothing! We’ll show you how to throw the best backyard pool party so everyone has a great time.

Get Organized

Before your guests arrive, you need to organize the deck! As you know, keeping the water toys, floats, cleaning supplies, and towels in your pool house organized can be demanding. Luckily, there are many creative ways to keep your pool house organized with simple tools and supplies you can find around the house. An organized pool house means less time searching for toys and supplies and more time having fun with your guests!

Stock up on Towels & Chairs

If you’re expecting many guests, prepare enough towels and lounge chairs for everyone! For some people, pool parties are for relaxing in the sun and working on their tan. You don’t want the swimmers to feel chilly and air-dry after getting out of the pool, so prepare at least one towel per guest.

Create a Pool-Friendly Menu

You can’t throw the best backyard pool party of the season without a great food, snacks, and drinks menu! A pool party is ideal for a backyard BBQ, so clean up your grill, and break out the blender for some refreshing frozen drinks.

Fruits and vegetables are great snacks on a hot day; they help you stay hydrated while having fun. And don’t forget the frozen popsicles to beat the heat!

Get Some Pool Games

Prepare some pool games to entertain your guests throughout the day, especially the kids. While they can entertain themselves with games like Marco Polo and tag, you can also set up a few games like volleyball and basketball. You can also play pool float games, like ping pong or inflatable toss.

Fill the Pool With Fun Floats

It’s not a pool party without fun floats for you and your guests to relax in the pool. You can find practically anything you can imagine in floaty form! From animals to cars to hot dogs, there’s no shortage of pool floats for a fun day at the pool![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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