Shopping Macys Friends and Family Sale

Macys is currently holding a Friends and Family sale - what's on your shopping list?

Macys friends and family sale Michael Michael Kors jacket

Macys is having a friends and family sale!

kate spade new york Saffiano Reversible Belt
kate spade new york Saffiano Reversible Belt – $68

I’m a little low on funds at the moment, so I won’t be making any purchases during the Macys friends and family sale. But I figured I’d do a little virtual window shopping anyway. This could serve as my point for reference when I do have the funds and need to remember what I had in mind to buy for myself.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sullivan Large North South Messenger - $348
MICHAEL Michael Kors Sullivan Large North South Messenger – $348

Of course the Friends and family sale will be over by the time I have money to afford anything.

Marc Jacobs Womens The Jacob Black Leather Strap Watch
Marc Jacobs Womens The Jacob Black Leather Strap Watch

The Kate Spade belt, MICHAEL Michael Kors bag and Marc Jacobs watch are three items that caught my eye. The watch comes with a $300.00 price tag. The bag is $348 and the belt is $68.

I’m needing some new winter boots. So I’m looking at these snow boots from The North Face.

The North Face Women’s Nuptse Purna Faux-Fur Boots

The North Face Women's Nuptse Purna Faux-fur boots in black


These boots look like they keep your feet warm and toasty. And if the reviews are to be believed, they wear as they look. I’m seriously considering buying these. I have enough credit on my Macy’s card to afford them; and I do need some new boots for the season. But I’m getting nervous about my credit. I want to pay off at least half of my debt before I make any new non-essential purchases. And the fact is, I have my boots from last year. I can probably just buy some furry inserts to keep my feet warm.

I would also like to get a pair of boots that I can wear when there’s no snow on the ground…

Macy’s has a lot of nice styles in boots (you can check them via my affiliate link)

I see a number of boots that I like; but many are boots I wouldn’t buy because the heel and the sole aren’t quite right, and comfort is very important to me when it comes to shoes. It’s just not worth it to suffer for style. Some of my most horrifying experiences with uncomfortable shoes were so bad that all I have to do is think about it and my feet start hurting from the memory. So when it comes to shoes, I like to look stylish but whatever I buy has to have a heel and a sole (and also an insole) that suggests comfort.

Easy Spirit Billian Block-Heel Ankle Booties

Easy Spirit Billian Block-Heel Ankle Booties

When I hear the name Easy Spirit, chic style isn’t exactly the first thought that comes to mind. And these ankle boots probably wouldn’t classify as chic necessarily. But they are cute enough. And after looking through Macy’s collection of “comfort boots”, these were the only pair I saw that I thought looked like they could potentially meet my needs. They look like they should be comfortable. And the small handful of reviews all contain the claim that the boots are comfortable. So for my second pair of boots, these would be the pair I would purchase. They are regularly priced at $110 but are available during the current Macys Friends and family sale for $62.99. Maybe I should buy them. That’s $47 I’d be saving; but I think I need the snow boots a little bit more urgently. So if I buy any boots today I’d go with the snow boots which regularly cost Reg. $130.00 but are currently available for $97.50.

I also need a new coat and I found myself more drawn to styles from Michael Michael Kors than any of the other styles I saw.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Faux-Fur-Trim Down Anorak Jacket

MICHAEL Michael Kors Hooded Faux-Fur-Trim Down Anorak Jacket

MICHAEL Michael Kors Fox-Fur-Trim Down Puffer Coat

MICHAEL Michael Kors Fox-Fur-Trim Down Puffer Coat

MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Puffer Coat

MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Puffer CoatI’d really love to get both the black jacket and the red jacket. The red one is on sale for $159.99 and the black one is on sale for $379.99 (regular price $550)




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