Sharon Khazzam jewelry showcase

Sharon Khazzam One Of A Kind Loulou Bracelet

Although Sharon Khazzam jewelry is not in the average lady’s affordable price range, we thought we’d do a showcase feature because her pieces are just so gorgeous. And sometimes it’s inspiring enough just to see pictures of nice things. Like this ‘Pandora’ bracelet.  While there are some women who can easily afford the $67,800 price tag for this pink tourmaline, ruby, amethyst, morganite, sapessartite and spatite stones  bracelet, it’s like a museum piece for others– something they get to look at through a glass case but will never get to touch.Sharon Khazzam pink tourmaline ruby amethyst morganite sapessartite spatite stones Pandora braceletThe Sharon Khazzam one of a kind Pandora bracelet is a totally gorgeous bracelet. We love the varying sizes, shapes and colors of the gems encased in their gold-tone settings.    Sharon Khazzam One OF A Kind Pandora Bracelet

We’d love to find a similarly designed bracelet that’s in our affordable price range. Of course a similarly designed bracelet in our affordable price range would be made with imitation stones; but if the stones are as colorful, gleaming and bright, the bracelet should have the same wow factor. After all it’s the prettiness of this bracelet that appeals to the average woman.

Of course this bracelet wasn’t designed for the average woman…

Based on the price tags that come with her one of a kind pieces, we think it’s fairly safe to say that Sharaon Khazzam jewelry is not made for the everyday woman.

Sharon Khazzam Platinum 18K Rose Gold Brown Diamonds Blue Sapphire Paraiba Tourmaline Dendra ringThis is a A $36,600 ring. It’s a one of a kind Platinum and 18K Rose Gold, brown diamonds, blue sapphire, paraiba tourmaline ring.

Sharon Khazzam One Of A Kind Dendra Ring

Ring features: natural faceted blue sapphire center stone surrounded with round faceted paraiba tourmalines and emerald-cut faceted brown diamonds.

Sharon Khazzam One Of A Kind Reeni Necklace

A $43,400 necklace. Described as “a vast array of natural colored gemstones and diamonds, portraying a flower garden with buzzing bee’s butterflies and dragonflies.”
Sharon Khazzam 18K Yellow White Rose Gold Reeni necklace

Made of 18K yellow, white, rose gold, gemstones and diamonds.

About Sharon Khazzam

From Sharon’s love of beautiful jewels is apparent in the meticulous care taken in creating every single piece.  Today, Sharon continues to draw, paint and create individual pieces that are clearly unique to her sensibility, individual design and style.  Sharon aspires to turn her timeless creations into collectibles, destined to tell a story from the present generation to their ascendants. (read more on her website…)

More Sharon Khazzam jewelry

Sharon Khazzam One Of A Kind Bailie EardropsGorgeous tear drop earrings featuring “an intricate construction of ruby, orange sapphire, amethyst, pink sapphire, tanzanite and golden beryl stones that leads to a delicate chalcedony drop.”

Bailie eardrops earrings sharon KhazzamComponents: Yellow and White Diamonds, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, Orange Sapphire, Amethyst, Pink Sapphire, Tanzanite, Pink Tourmaline, Golden Berry, Chalcedony.

Shop Sharon Khazzam jewerly at Moda Operandi or visit for more about the designer.

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