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7 fun clutch purses we love and want

Our designer handbag wish list keeps growing and growing. Today we’re adding these 5 fun clutch purses to our list of designer accessories we wish we could afford. Starting with this cute Olympia Le-Tan ‘Webster’s New World Dictionary’ clutch. Olympia Le-Tan 'Webster's New World Dictionary' clutch

This Olympia Le-tan yellow cotton clutch purse comes with a $$2,050.00 price tag. We have to admit, the price seems a little high. The purse is cute. And without question if we had millions in the bank and we were finishing each year putting even more millions in the bank, we’d buy this clutch purse because it’s so cute. But seriously, what (aside from cotton) is it made of that it costs so much money? The information on the Farfetch website states that the clutch is composed of 100% ‘Other fibres’. By that do they mean 100% cotton? And if so, what kind of cotton? Maybe it’s 100% hand made and that’s the reason for the price? What do you think? Do you think the cuteness of this purse is by itself enough reason to justify the price tag? Do you like it enough that if you had the money you would buy it?

ANYA HINDMARCH Metal Crisp Packet Clutch

 Purchase via Stylebop

What we love: The high metallic shininess. How it looks like ice and gummy candy at the same time. The wrinkly pouch shape.

This bag is from Anya Hindmarch. It’s a silver-toned metal packet shaped clutch purse that’s lined with suede. It’s features include a removable gold-toned chain link shoulder strap; top clasp closure. Comes with a $1,595 price tag. What do you like about it? Would you spend $1,595 to one?

ANYA HINDMARCH Imperial Yes-No Leather Box Clutch

Purchase via Stylebop

Another Anya Hindmarch clutch. This is a leather box clutch with “playful yes-no messaging”. One one side of the clutch it says “Yes!” and on the other side “No”.ANYA HINDMARCH Imperial Yes-No Leather Box Clutch
You can use it to give your date a subtle or not so subtle message as to his chances of getting to the next base. This clutch purse comes with a $1,450 price tag.

Want more fun clutch purses?


Tonya Hawkes 'Tutti-Frutti' clutchPurchase via Farfetch

Can you get more fun that this Tonya Hawkes ‘Tutti-Frutti’ clutch? Made of 100% snake skin , 100% other fibres, 100% polymethyl methacrylate, this yummy fruit focused clutch purse comes with a $1,145.00 price tag. Looks like a great candidate for a DIY clutch purse attempt. It’s gorgeous and we’d definitely pay the $1,145.00 if we could afford it; but we’ll have to wait for one to become available at 80% off. That would put the price somewhere around $200.


Moschino biker clutch blackPurchase via Farfetch

What’s not to like about the Moschino biker clutch? This clutch comes in a variety of other colors including red, gold metallic, white, and turquoise blue. If you want edge, attitude and attention grabbing style you’ve got it in this $1036.17 clutch purse.

Charlotte Olympia 'It makes you happy' clutchPurchase via Farfetch

You might want to think twice about walking around with this clutch. It probably takes the cake for being the most interesting of our fun clutch purses; but it could make you look like a drunk who’s dressed to the nines carrying a bottle of Tequila.

This clutch purse is from Charlotte Olympia. It comes with a $2,295.00. We probably wouldn’t be able to find an occasion to use it; but it would make a cute accessory to decorate our designer handbag shelf. You know the one that currently have only in our dreams…

Charlotte Olympia 'I Carried A Watermelon' clutch

From Charlotte Olympia, this clutch purse looks like a slice of watermelon. Made of 100% silk, this pink and green clutch features a top zip fastening, an internal zipped pocket, an internal logo patch, a gold-tone logo plaque and black drop crystal pips. Comes with a $795 price tag.


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