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Scent of a woman: Rogue By Rihanna

Yes, we know, Rogue by Rihanna is a pretty outdated perfume but we recently acquired a 1oz bottle so we’re including it in our “Scent of a Woman” perfume review series.

rogue by rihannaWe were recently on the receiving end of a donation of women’s perfumes.

Included in the small lot was a 1 ounce bottle of the perfume ROGUE by Rihanna.

When did rihanna release rogue by rihanna perfume?

According to our research, ROGUE by Rihanna was released September 4, 2013. So it’s been around for a good little while. According to the information on the fragrance’s Wiki page, ROGUE was Rihanna’s fourth fragrance. There’s the women’s perfume version and a men’s cologne version.

From Wikipedia – The perfume was developed by Frank Voelkl as an oriental – woody. In the top notes there are bergamot, clementine, black pepper and rosemary. The heart consists of cedar, jasmine, vanilla orchid and labdanum, leaning on the base of sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk and tonka bean. (source)

So what do we think of the scent of ROGUE by Rihanna?

Rogue By RihannaIt’s hard to put a name to the numerous different scents that we detected. Each sniff seemed to bring something different to mind. One sniff was reminiscent of rubbing alcohol. Another sniff brought to mind a floral-scented soap.  There was a sugary popsicle scent detected in another sniff. We also thought we could detect a spicy aroma tinged with something fruity. The scent when first applied is a bit confusing in that depending on what comes through it can be pleasant or unpleasant. Some of the scents don’t seem to mix to create the most pleasing aroma. So if you happen to sniff and those clashing scents are what your senses detect then you might feel inclined to dislike the scent of ROGUE by Rihanna.

But once the scent settles down from being first sprayed on, everything seems to blend pretty nicely.

From our test, ROGUE by Rihanna seems to take about 90 minutes or so to settle down. At that point it becomes a soft, sweet, light and barely discernible fragrance. The way perfume should be worn. You don’t want your perfume to be so strong that it takes over the spaces you occupy and imposes itself upon other people’s senses.

We’d say ROGUE by Rihanna is heavy and insistent upon itself when first applied but becomes light and softly pleasing once it settles down. It allows you to smell natural but with a hint of perfumed sweetness.

Things to note:

  • Perfumes tend to make us sneeze – ROGUE by Rihanna did not make us sneeze
  • Some perfumes give us headaches – ROGUE by Rihanna did not give us a headache
  • Some perfumes start to stink after a while – ROGUE by Rihanna did not start to stink after a while. It faded gracefully


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