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Set of 4 silver tone bangles (bracelets)


  • Silver tone bangle bracelets
  • 4 bracelets
  • Previously owned (Good condition)

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This set of 4 silver tone bangles bracelets is in great condition — virtually as good as new and of excellent quality. Bracelets are not flimsy.

Set of 4 silver tone bangle bracelets used
Set of 4 silver tone bangle bracelets – good condition

We are a set of 4 silver tone bangles bracelets. We’re previously owned but in good condition and of a higher quality than many sets of silver tone bangles that you can buy new at a similar price. Our weight is not light. You cannot bend anyone of us with your bare hand by squeezing us. We’re not made out of lightweight material. We’ve been around a while (that’s why we’re vintage), but we’re still shiny and clean with scant little evidence of age. You can find similar quality silver tone bangles selling for over $100, so our price tag of $25.99 for the four of us is more than reasonable.

We will make a nice addition to your collection of jewerly, offering you a great choice for those occasions when a set of silver tone bangles (bracelets) will make the perfect accessory. Put all of us on one wrist and layer with other bangles and bracelets, or put two on one wrist and two on the other wrist, layered with other silver tone bangles or even mixed and matched with gold tone and other colors, textures and styles of bracelets.

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